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Podcast rec list

My old podcast rec/request list is still getting notes so I figured I’d make a new list with everything I’ve downloaded since then. Favourites are italicized*.

For updates, please check @insomniac-podcaster.

Audio drama (Fantasy)

  • Alba Salix, Royal Physician* - Follows trials and tribulations of Farloria’s head witch of the House of Healing, Alba Salix. It is a 6-part mini-series (+ bonuses) with no future episodes currently planned.
  • The Behemoth -  15-year-old Madyson tells the story of the Behemoth, a large, lumbering beast that has emerged from the waters off of Cape Cod. It will be a 20-part mini-series.
  • Hello From the Magic Tavern - An improv comedy podcast hosted by Arnie, a man who accidentally passed through a portal into the land of “Foon”. Every week Arnie interviews patrons of the Vermilion Minotaur tavern including monsters, wizard, and adventurers.

Audio drama (Horror)

  • Alice Isn’t Dead* - A truck driver searches across America for the wife she had long assumed was dead, encountering not-quite-human serial murderers, towns literally lost in time, and a conspiracy that goes way beyond one missing woman along the way. This podcast is produced by the same people who brought you Welcome to Night Vale.
  • Archive 81 - These are the recovered tapes of missing archivist Daniel Powell, posted by a well-meaning friend hoping to locate him.
  • Help Me - Nicole investigates the mysterious death of her friend Olivia and possible link to a dangerous entity. It is a 15-part mini-series with no future episodes currently planned.
  • Limetown* - Radio host Lia Haddock investigates the sudden disappearance of the residents of Limetown. It is a 7-part mini-series (+ bonuses) with future seasons (and possibly a TV show) in the works.
  • Return Home - Jonathan Baker returns to his home town after being contacted by a mysterious entity. Episodes are broken up into multiple parts aired every week, with breaks between episodes.

Audio drama (Pseudo-radio show)

  • The Black Tapes* - (horror) A weekly radio show hosted by Alex Reagan that investigates unsolved paranormal phenomenon documented by the Strand Institute. They also produce TANIS.
  • The Message* - (sci-fi) Nicky Tomalin documents the work of a team of cryptologists as the attempt to decipher an alien message. It is an 8-part mini-series.
  • Good Morning Zakera Ward - (sci-fi, Mass Effect) A morning radio show set in the Mass Effect universe. It is an 11-part series that appears to have ended abruptly, but is still worth a listen if you’re a fan of the games.
  • King Falls AM - (sci-fi/fantasy) A late-night talk show from quaint town of King Falls that is frequently interrupted by peculiar happenings and paranormal events.
  • TANIS - (horror) A docu-drama series hosted by Nic Silver exploring the myth and conspiracy of Tanis. They also produce The Black Tapes.
  • Welcome to Night Vale - (cosmic horror)  Community radio updates for the small desert town of Night Vale, featuring local weather, news, announcements from the Sheriff’s Secret Police, mysterious lights in the night sky, dark hooded figures with unknowable powers, and cultural events.

Audio drama (Sci-Fi)

  • ars PARADOXICA* - A journey through spacetime and the Cold War with Dr. Sally Grissom, a physicist send back in time when an experiment goes awry.
  • The Bright Sessions* - The recorded therapy sessions of Dr. Bright, who provides support for patients with unusual talents. ((It’s more of a paranormal drama that a true sci-fi)).
  • The Bunker - A breakfast radio show broadcast back in time to us from the post-apocalyptic year 2414. It’s a 12-part mini-series, and the developers are currently working on another sci-fi series that will be titled Mars Corp.
  • EOS 10* - The adventures of two maladjusted doctors, their medical team, and a hypochondriac ex-prince aboard an intergalactic travel hub.
  • Kakos Industries - Corporate announcements for Kakos Industries, a corporation dedicated to helping you ‘do evil better’.
  • Liberty - Tales from Atrius, a colony cut off from humanity and racked by civil war, and the surrounding lawless expanse known as the Fringe. It consists of multiple mini-series.
  • Sayer - Acclimate to life on Earth’s man-made second moon, Typhon, with the assistance of the self-aware AI SAYER.
  • Thrilling Adventure Hour - A podcast in the style of an old-timey radio show consisting of the regular sub-series ‘Sparks Nevada: Marshall on Mars’ and ‘Beyond Belief’ as well as other segments.
  • Wolf 359*** - Follows the crew of the U.S.S. Hephaestus Research Station as they orbit around the red dwarf Wolf 359. This is my all-time favourite series - you should be downloading it right now… unless you’ve already heard it in which case you should definitely treat yourself and listen to it again.


  • Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History - As the title implies, this is really hardcore history. Episodes are exceedingly well-researched and is surprisingly easy to listen to considering the density of the subject matter.
  • Lore - A podcast examining myths and folktales alongside the true dark stories that either inspired or arose from them. A chilling listen that also has a TV show in the works.
  • Myths and Legends - Re-tellings of both popular and obscure legends that make them very accessible to a modern audience (i.e. people like me who DON’T read Beowulf in it’s original Old English for fun in their free time).
  • Sleep With Me* - Honestly, I have no idea what this podcast is actually about because Ackerman’s ramblings are so soothing I’m usually asleep shortly after turning it on. If you have insomnia and problems falling asleep to silence (like myself), this is a must-download - it’s more engaging that rain/wave/whale noises but you don’t have to worry about missing anything.


  • Escape Pod - Every episode consists of a sci-fi short story from a variety of sub-genres, and they are generally 30-60 minutes in length. If you enjoy Escape Pod, also check out their fantasy (PodCastle) and horror (PseudoPod) podcasts.
  • The NoSleep Podcast - Narrations of short horror stories posted to the NoSleep reddit board. It’s featured horror stories for every squick and trigger imaginable so be careful with this one if you aren’t into hardcore horror, and definitely heed the warnings at the beginnings of episodes.

True Crime

  • Serial - I don’t think it’s possible to be a podcast fan and not have (at the very least) heard about Serial. If you haven’t listened to it yet, definitely give it a go - there’s a reason it was at the top of the (Canadian) iTunes store for close to a year. It’s produced by ‘This American Life’, which is another professionally-produced podcast worthy of downloading.
  • Someone Knows Something - A series produced by CBC that examines unsolved cases of missing or murdered individuals.
  • Thin Air Podcast - Two English majors investigate cold cases by examining evidence and interviewing people involved with the original investigation.

Pending - I either haven’t started these or haven’t listened to enough to categorize them, but most have been rec’d by multiple sources so check them out!

  • A New Winter - A first-hand account of the unsolved murders and disappearances of 25 people in a small UK village.
  • The Cleansed: A Post-Apocalyptic Saga - (audio drama - sci-fi) An epic post-apocalyptic saga set in a world ravaged by fossil fuel scarcity.
  • Greater Boston - An audio drama set in Boston that blends the real and the unreal, the historical and the fantastical.
  • Hadron Gospel Hour - (audio drama - sci-fi)A sci-fi comedy/adventure following a duo of scientists stranded ouside of spacetime in the Hadron Bunker.
  • Jim Robbie and the Wanderers - (audio drama - sci-fi) Follows two female musicians travelling surreal America with their robot companion, Jim Robbie.
  • Monster Talk - (informational) Examines the science behind cryptozoological and legendary monsters. 
  • The Night Blogger - (audio drama - paranormal) It appears to follow blogger Brian Foster’s encounters with the paranormal.
  • Our Fair City - (audio drama - sci-fi) A campy (their words), post-apocalyptic audio drama.
  • Pete’s Paranormal Chronicles -  (audio drama) In 1996, Pete Schwartz began work on a documentary series called Pete’s Paranormal Chronicles, but his sanity began to unravel during the production of the program and he became completely immersed in a nationwide conspiracy.
  • The Twilight World of Ultimate Smoothness - A podcast chronicling the decline and fall of radio veteran Greg Willis. It is a 6-part mini-series.
  • Ruby: The Adventures of a Galactic Gumshoe -  (audio drama) Ruby is a hip, tough-talking detective hired to track down the malefactors who are manipulating the media on the planet Summa Nulla (the “high point of nothing”).
  • Unexplained - (informational) A podcast about strange and mysterious real-life events that continue to evade explanation.

As always, if there’s a podcast you like that’s missing from this list, please drop me a line (message, ask, fan mail, raven, etc. etc.) and I’ll check it out! I’ll also be adding a podcast link to my blog featuring this list with updates. Enjoy~

アンドロメダ (Andromeda Vaporwave Remix)
アンドロメダ (Andromeda Vaporwave Remix)

アンドロメダ (Andromeda Vaporwave Remix)

I wasn’t going to post this but fuck it, it’s the weekend (plus I have literally nothing else to post).

Here is a Vaporwave remix of Gorillaz’ Andromeda that I made.
Why Vaporwave? Because making Vaporwave is easy and it’s a good way to practice making music.
Making good Vaporwave is not so easy.
While it ain’t the best thing in the world, I’m proud of it. Considering I have no understanding of music theory in the slightest, I think it came out out alright. I might do a remaster when I get Humanz.

So yeah, give it a listen and tell me watch you think.

Also, keep a look out for my new album called “404: Album Title Not Found.”, In stores and iTunes 4/31/17.

I got a visual for this thing too for maximum AESTHETIC. Unlike my album, it’ll be released eventually.

i haven’t posted a master post in months!!!! so hello!!!!! i know this is short and you might know half the apps on here but this is a way to make sure you have all the necessary apps you need!!!! first, these are all for iPhone unless stated otherwise and second, if you need any specific category you want to search for good apps through then message me and i’ll be happy to help you!!!! you can always give me more master post ideas cause i love making these for you!!!! stay fresh bc its spring break yes -shakes x


  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • Kik
  • Vine
  • Youtube
  • Tumblr


  • Wattpad
  • Kindle
  • iBooks
  • Nook
  • Audiobooks
  • Comics
  • Ted
  • Sparknotes
  • Goodreads
  • Khan Academy


  • The Hunt
  • Beautylish
  • Chanel
  • Net-A-Porter
  • Flink
  • Shopstyle
  • M'O


  • Nike Training
  • Human
  • Hot5
  • 7 minute workout challenge 


  • Sqauready
  • VSCOcam
  • Frametastic
  • Pixlromatic


  • 8tracks
  • Soundcloud
  • Spotify


  • iTranslate 
  • Turboscan
  • Yelp
  • iPages
  • Truecaller
  • Trailer
  • Pocket
  • Waterscape
  • Sam (Android only)


  • Viber
  • Tango
  • Skype
  • ooVoo
  • iCompose

If you’re a witch with major organizational problems (like me) who happens to own an IPhone/Mac, then boy-o-boy do I have a recommendation for you. “Notebook” is a free app available on the ITunes Store which allows you to create multiple visual notebooks with customizable covers, or you can use some of the beautiful pre-made covers available as well! For those who are still in the broom closet, you’re in luck. The app icon itself is very discrete, appearing as a simple note-taking app that even includes the option to set a password code and touch lock.

As you can see from the pictures above, I made several custom cover notebooks, each with an individual purpose. Within each notebook you can create different “pages” which can include text, voice recordings, images, check lists, and drawings. All of these features can be used to creatively tailor your notebook and it’s functionality.

In my Book of Visions for example, the entirety of the notebook is strictly filled with images that pertain to my goals, aspirations, and things that inspire me.

In my Dream Journal, I use a combination of the text and drawing features to both describe and illustrate my dreams.

The Spirit Journal contains both written and auditory recordings of conversations between spirits, psychic readings, and various divination sessions.

What I enjoy the most about this app is how easy it is to copy and paste spells, recipes, and various bits of magickal information in your notebook to save for personal use. Even if you have a written Grimoire/BOS this app is great for recording and saving information ahead of time to transfer to your book later.

(Disclaimer: No, I am not being paid to rave over this app, I really do think it’s that fucking spiffy)

16. Juni 2017

Abenteuer im Darknet (Nichtschwimmerbecken)

Ich brauche neues Guthaben bei iTunes US, damit ich eine Folge der dritten Fargo-Staffel herunterladen und sie später via Skype-Screensharing gemeinsam mit Aleks ansehen kann. Vermutlich kann man Fargo auch bei irgendeinem deutschen Anbieter sehen, aber für andere Serien brauche ich sowieso ein iTunes-Guthaben, und bei iTunes weiß ich jetzt wenigstens schon, dass alles funktioniert. Abgesehen vom grauenvollen Benutzerinterface des iTunes Store, aber das ist anderswo auch kaum besser.

2015 schrieb ich anlässlich des Kaufs der zweiten Fargo-Staffel, “dass Cardscout24, meine noch im vorigen Jahr äußerst unseriös wirkende Bezugsquelle für US-iTunes-Gutscheinkarten, inzwischen völlig normal, ja, sogar wohldesignt und zuverlässig aussieht”.

Zuerst google ich nach anderen Anbietern, weil im Netz ja selten die Lösung von vor zwei Jahren noch die optimale Lösung ist. Aber diese anderen Anbieter funktionieren entweder nicht oder weigern sich, mir eine US-Guthabenkarte nach Deutschland zu verkaufen. Dann muss es eben doch wieder so gehen wie bisher: Ich suche bei Facebook nach der geschlossenen Gruppe meines bisherigen Händlers. Dort liegt unter “Files” eine Datei, auf der die Adresse des Webshops steht, versehen mit der Bitte “PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THIS LINK PUBLICLY”.

Dort kaufe ich via PayPal für 62 Dollar eine 50-Dollar-Guthabenkarte und werde gefragt, ob ich eine Mailadresse von Apple habe: “Apple is currently blocking code delivery to @me, @mac and @icloud emails.” Habe ich aber nicht, und wenige Sekunden später bekomme ich per Mail einen Link zu einer Google-Drive-Adresse. Darin liegt ein Foto der Guthabenkarte, von dem ich den Code abtippe. Es fühlt sich alles an wie ein Drogenkauf im Darknet oder jedenfalls ungefähr so, wie ich mir Drogenkäufe im Darknet vorstelle. Und jetzt ist mein nächster Fargo-Fix gesichert.

(Kathrin Passig)

Top 6 Apps for Learning Mandarin Chinese

Last summer, while I was supposed to be studying French intensively, I accidentally started studying Mandarin instead. These things happen! The best thing about Mandarin compared to some other languages I’ve studied (specifically Persian and Korean) is that there are a huge number of resources available to help learners, including a lot of very well-designed apps. After months of obsessively checking the iTunes store for the best apps and trying them out, these are my favorite six (plus a few more worth mentioning). They appear in ascending order from my least favorite to my most favorite.

Worth mentioning: A couple of apps not included on this list but worth mentioning are Pleco and Skritter. 

Pleco is a highly-regarded Chinese dictionary. I have it on my phone and do use it, but I left it off the list because I prefer another (#6 on this list). Since I’m still very much a beginner, a thorough dictionary isn’t quite so important to me right now. However, it seems like every advanced student of Mandarin recommends this app, so I had to include it.

Skritter is another app that’s highly regarded among serious students. I believe it focuses on helping with character recognition and writing. It has a subscription service that is a bit expensive, which is why I’ve never tried it; however, everyone seems to rave about it. If you’re a serious student, you should definitely look into it.

Also, I recommend downloading some Chinese-language apps designed for preschoolers. I found several of them online in the iTunes store, and a lot of them include short stories with simple words, practice with basic characters, etc. Using these apps gives you some immersive listening practice, which is fun. They can be kind of hit and miss, so I recommend downloading all you can find and seeing what you can figure out and what you like. They won’t replace any of the apps below, but they still serve a purpose.

6. WCC Dictionary This is the dictionary I use instead of Pleco. I like it primarily because of its beautiful design (something Pleco doesn’t really have). This app is mainly a dictionary, but it offers a lot more than that. For example, it has a character scanner (so you can look up words you find in books by taking a picture of the character). It also has a “story library” with a few simple books to read (with Pinyin, the characters, an English translation, and the ability to listen to the story being read). Characters are color coded if you use that as a device to help you with tones. It has a flashcard program with pre-created word lists, extensive example sentences, a section on radicals with example words, and stroke order animations. It also offers a “character of the day” and daily “homework” to motivate you to use what you learn. The dictionary itself is free, but there’s a lot of content that you have to pay to unlock, although there’s also a way to buy the content using “coins” that you earn through using the app.

5. Mindsnacks Mandarin A lot of you are already familiar with the Mindsnacks app because it’s offered for a lot of different languages (and a few school subjects like geography). This app uses games to teach Mandarin, mostly focusing on vocabulary (not grammar or sentence construction). It’s a bit limited, but it can be a really fun way to learn. After a while, the games start to feel repetitive and can get boring, but the app also has you move through levels (which allow you to unlock new games) and uses other incentives to keep you playing. The audio is an actual human, too, which is a big benefit since many apps and programs rely on Google Translate robot voices. This is a paid app, which could be a drawback.

4. FluentU This app is the reason I started learning Mandarin in the first place. I tried using it for French, but I felt like my French was too advanced to gain much from it. Even though there were advanced-level videos with vocabulary I didn’t know, FluentU doesn’t do a good job of adapting to your level and guessing which words will give you trouble. That’s perfectly fine for a beginner, though, since every word will probably give you trouble, which is why I used it for Mandarin. I think the makers of FluentU are Chinese speakers, and they seem to have focused more on Mandarin in their app. They have a built-in course you can follow, using videos they made themselves for teaching the language. The videos are pretty good, and you will feel like you’re learning a lot. There are also a lot of other videos if you want to branch out, including some catchy songs and clips from commercials or TV shows. The built-in flashcard system is a good way to review, but there’s no way to adjust their algorithms, so you might end up reviewing the same words way too often. I stopped using the program when I had 400+ words to review every day, and I just couldn’t keep up and continue advancing. This app is also very limited in the free version, and the paid subscription is VERY pricey, in my opinion, especially considering that there are other apps out there that offer more features. All of the videos are on YouTube anyway, so you can still use them to learn as you advance (or if you have a friend who can help you). I recommend this app if you want to pay for one month and use it to study intensively and advance quickly. That’s what I did, and I think it helped me out a lot.

3. ChineseSkill This is the first app that was designed to be a “Duolingo for Mandarin,” and it has a lot of great features. There’s the typical “tree” like in Duolingo, where you advance through different lessons one by one. It teaches character recognition, pronunciation, and grammar. The lessons can be really challenging for a beginner (sometimes too challenging, I thought), but it covers a lot of material. I’m not completely happy with the order in which lessons are taught (for example, there’s a lesson on shapes near the beginning that has you learn words like “triangle,” which seemed unimportant to me). The other drawback is there isn’t an easy way to review what you’ve learned (like on Duolingo when your gold-level lessons start to fade). It’s possible, but not super easy to access. Other interesting features include a tone game, a pinyin chart, a “survival kit” that’s like a travel phrasebook, and practice with stroke order. Also, this app is 100% free, which is amazing! I definitely recommend this app.

2. Social Language This app is really different from the others and is probably the most useful if you believe in speaking a language as soon as possible. I don’t think a lot of English speakers know about it because it seems to be marketed mostly to Chinese speakers. It’s a bit hard to explain, but I’ll try my best: basically, there’s a tree like you have for Duolingo, but the exercises are all to improve your speaking and pronunciation. You work through the lessons, and Chinese-speaking users rate and comment on your recordings. They can even leave voice messages to help you improve. You can do the same for them (in fact, you have to if you want to unlock higher levels). That alone makes the app worth downloading, but even better is that it includes a CHAT FEATURE that makes it very easy to interact with native speakers. You can see the profiles of hundreds of Chinese speakers who are online at any given time of day, and you can send a text or voice message to them and later add them to your friends’ list. What’s more,the ratio of Chinese to English speakers heavily favors English speakers. You will find hundreds of Chinese speakers eager to practice their English, and often you will be one of only a handful of English speakers on the app, meaning you have instant access to a chat partner any time of day or night. Have a question about your homework, something you read, or a phrase you don’t know how to pronounce? Instant, free tutoring is available 24/7 on this app, which is also FREE! I met some really nice people here without the pressure of a more formal language exchange. You can have a casual conversation any time you want, and it’s like text messaging so there’s less pressure if you’re shy about speaking Chinese. The only drawback is the same as with all language exchanges, which is that it’s sometimes difficult to balance the two languages. Also, I had problems with sending voice messages in chat, which can be frustrating. Overall, though, I’d say Social Language is a must-have.

1. HelloChinese This app didn’t exist last summer when I was looking for a Mandarin version of Duolingo, but I discovered it last week and fell in love with it. It actually has fewer features than ChineseSkill, but the pacing seems much better, and it focuses more heavily on pronunciation (though the speech recognition software isn’t perfect and you will sometimes need to skip a speaking question just to keep moving forward). It comes with some good grammar explanations and a really basic flashcard program for review. Honestly, I feel bad for rating it higher than ChineseSkill since ChineseSkill has been around longer and offers a lot more features, but I feel like HelloChinese just makes more sense and is easier to stick with than ChineseSkill. Like ChineseSkill, it’s also 100% free! I consider HelloChinese to be my “core” app for casual study, with the other apps acting as supplements. If you’re a more serious student, HelloChinese might not be your #1 pick, but it’s great for beginners who like the structure of an app like DuoLingo.

Walk Us Uptown
Elvis Costello & The Roots
Walk Us Uptown

Summer Hit 13'…

Réussite pour l'artiste d'aujourd'hui. En 2007, il apparait dans la bande-orginale de House M.D. ce qui le ferait connaître du grand public avec le titre « Beautiful ».

Découvrez maintenant le titre de Elvis Costello, « Walk Us Uptown ».


Anyone else love reading👓 scripts? TABΘΘ Series 1 by Steven Knight is now available for download from ~ via @bbcwritersroom
Pls note the scripts are protected by copyright and are available only for private, personal use and not for any other form of wider distribution. You’ll need Adobe Acrobat to view the PDF files.
Watch all eight episodes of TABΘΘ on @BBC iPlayer ~ available as a box set until 27 March  |  Video download from Amazon Video, BBC Store, iTunes

“Taboo” reportedly helped BBC’s online video service, iPlayer, break records in February. iPlayer generated 9.9 million daily requests last month, the highest in its 10-year history. 🎩🎉

Images: FX Networks

anonymous asked:

Got7 trending on iTunes Store 😩😩😩😩

Good! They are so loved internationally, Korea sleeps on them like they in a comma or something! No wonder why Got7 loves going on international tours every year, they know!

Okay, but guys, GUYS, listen, you know what would be awesome??

A Zombies, Run! Dating Game

Like, an app for your phone! You’re Runner Five, you can go on missions and also talk to all the characters, and depending on your answers they will like you more or less, you can chose if you want to be platonic best friends or pursue a romantic relationship…

Also, depending on who you befriend and how, there are different story lines, you will get different items from them. Now those items might be required to unlock a “higher level” or a certain path with another character.

e.g. if your friendship with Jody is strong enough that she considers your advice, and you tell her to do one mission instead of another, she might find some curley wurleys, which you can then give to Sam so he’ll talk to you about his family and you become better friends; but if you can’t convince Jody she will go on the different mission, and bring a cheesy romance novel instead, which you can try and give to Janine, but depending on how well you know her already she might either think you make fun of her, or appreciate that you thought of her…

What I’m saying is: Zombies, Run! Dating Game!


“I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” holds the third position on the Hot 100 this week and it becomes ZAYN’s second top five radio song

Zayn and Taylor Swift’s “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (Fifty Shades Darker)” remains at its No. 3 peak on the Hot 100. It falls to No. 3 after a second (nonconsecutive) week atop Digital Song Sales, down 20 percent to 109,000, despite a 69-cent iTunes Store sale price; a week earlier, it surged by 124 percent to 137,000 sold following the Jan. 26 premiere of its official video. The collab backtracks 3-4 on Streaming Songs (22.8 million, down 12 percent) but hits the top five on Radio Songs (7-5; 98 million, up 10 percent), becoming Swift’s ninth Radio Songs top five and Zayn’s second.

“Forever” is the lead single from the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack, with both the album and the movie having arrived Friday (Feb. 10). As it holds at its No. 3 high, the song remains tied for the highest-charting Hot 100 hit from the Fifty Shades franchise. 2015’s Fifty Shades of Grey yielded the No. 3-peaking “Love Me Like You Do” by Ellie Goulding and “Earned It (Fifty Shades of Grey)” by The Weeknd.

Read more at the source.
Jeremy Renner Launches App to Connect Directly With Fans
Of the launch, the actor noted: "I'm always looking for new ways to connect directly with my fans all over the world in our own shared environment."

Jeremy now has a new official app that will offer “exclusive clips, photographs, original music, contests, behind-the-scenes live streams” and more! Get the app right now to hear an exclusive demo clip of Jeremy’s studio recording of “House of the Rising Sun,” and according to a post in the app, “stay tuned for an exciting announcement” later today! You can download it from the iTunes App Store here or the Google Play App Store here.