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A Happy Beginning (Preview)
Jennifer Morrison, Colin O'Donoghue ...
A Happy Beginning (Preview)


Don’t listen if you don’t want to hear at least 2 minutes of the song

PS: Apparently the drive link I posted earlier is having issues.. So here’s the mix I made for the song preview with the LQ version found on twitter and the HQ preview from iTunes

anonymous asked:

Whats the difference between original version and radio mix of Nine in the afternoon? Links? Thankie ❤️

I’m sorry I don’t have links, most of what I can find online is all the radio mix. The radio mix has stronger drum sounds and the original is more horns/strings. If you listen to the previews on itunes you can hear the difference. 

Ok so I know I haven’t seen the performances yet but based on the iTunes previews for tonight…
Lauren is going to win by a mile.
Because once again, only Blake knows how to play the game right.

I’m so done.

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I'm not ordering another copy of that CD. I have paid for enough Gucci for that boy! I'm like, come on Spotify! I can wait another hour, right?? LOL! I did breakdown and listen to a couple of the iTunes previews.

Girl I know your pain……. all too well. Spotify comin’ through

I’ve watched the sneak peeks of Revenge Is Gonna Be Mine, Powerful Love and Love Doesn’t Stand a Chance and listened to the iTunes preview of A Happy Beginning and I think I’m going to avoid all other sneak peeks and not listen to the songs until Sunday now. 

I want to wait for the CS duet part of AHB and Emma’s Theme until Sunday anyway, and I feel like I’ve got a good balance of anticipation without knowing too much.

As often happens with the recently bereaved, some of the partner she’s lost seemed to have gone into her; listening to Yoko, I often felt I was hearing John. And any mention of Paul brought a wintry bleakness to her face. ‘John always used to say,’ she told me at one point, 'that no one ever hurt him the way Paul hurt him.’ The words suggested a far deeper emotional attachment between the two than the world had ever suspected- they were like those of a spurned lover.
—  Philip Norman, prologue to Paul McCartney: A Life. (via the itunes preview of the book). 
He [Anarky] is going to be a lot like Demian, he is also very sociopathic, but we are going to have the opportunity to really see the birth of a villain. We are going to really see what happened, why did Lonnie Machin become Anarky? And the cool thing is that we are going to set it up so it really is Oliver and at some extend Thea’s fault that Lonnie Machin goes the direction he goes and also Lonnie will blame Demian for a lot of what happens to him. So he is going to actually be an interesting character who is going to be opposed both to our Big Bad and to our Hero

Wendy Mericle - Arrow Season 4 Preview (iTunes)

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