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I’ve finally figured out how to play music in the background while playing OW without overloading my laptop, and I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a more epic opening to a match than the round just now where my tunes matched up perfectly in sync with the starting countdown and I exploded out of spawn to the sound of “Thunderbirds are GO”

💖Nymphet Movie Masterpost💖

Ive been getting asked to do a master post of nymphet movies so here it is!!! I’m sorry it doesnt have links, (I buy all my movies on iTunes) but I’m sure if you google the title you’ll find them online! I’ll also put (Netflix) next to the ones on Netflix!! Enjoy💖

Heres a list of nymphets and the movies theyre from:

Dolores - Lolita 

Violet - Pretty Baby

Adrienne - The Crush 

Angela - American Beauty 

Mathilda - Leon: The Professional (Netflix) 

Jenny - An Education

April - Palo Alto

Sophie - Breathe In (Netflix)

Jennifer - The Babysitter

Mia - Fish Tank (Netflix)

Luli - Hick (Netflix)

Rosie & Violet - Ripe (Netflix)

Iris - Taxi Driver

Astrid - White Oleander

Cher - Clueless (Netflix)

The Lisbon Sisters - The Virgin Suicides (Netflix)

Marion - Beau Pere

Anita - Anita: A Swedish Nymphet

Twinky - Lola

Shirley - The Babysitters (Netflix)

Caroline - Daydream Nation

Layla - Buffalo ‘66

Isabelle - Young & Beautiful (Netflix)

Raquel - Confessions of a Brazilian Call Girl (Netflix)

newsies live

hi I bought the Newsies live movie on iTunes and I was looking to download it onto my laptop and try to upload it to a google drive to share with people outside the US
can anyone help me figure out how to do so?? I will love you forever!!!
Artifact on iTunes
Watch trailers, read customer and critic reviews, and buy Artifact directed by Bartholomew Cubbins for £7.99.

Hey guys, I forgot to post about this properly before, but not long ago I finally watched the film Artifact (thank you anons who recommended it!). I strongly recommend you buy/rent it off amazon or iTunes. It is a fantastic documentary that offers some really valuable insights into the music industry. 

Out of everything I’ve read about the industry in recent months, the one recurring theme that stands out is the constant battle between Art and Money. This film tells the story of this tension through documenting Jared Leto’s (30 seconds to mars’) legal battle with their label. The band was an international success and made tonnes of money for their label, but they somehow ended up millions in debt to their label. [Note that this is actually normal in the music biz]. They tried to get out of their contract but were hit with a 30 million dollar law suit because of it. They got caught up in the power relations and legal drama, and at the same time decided to make their own studio, hire a producer and record a whole album. We see scenes of men in suits talking about business & legal strategies, interspersed with shots of Jared and his band in the studio banging out music with nothing but raw emotion and passion.

The music industry has become what it is because artists are taken advantage of. People’s untainted passion for music and the idealism that comes with that is taken advantage of. The artist is supposed to be simply grateful for the chance to practice their craft for a living, and the arrangement is set up so that this is ALL they get. Everything is set up so that other people can make money off of them and, as this film shows, it is almost impossible for the artist to challenge this status quo in any significant way.

Strongly recommended to anyone who is a fan of any major label artist (especially those with Syco contracts and especially those who have compared their employment arrangement to slavery). Educate yourself and you will never want tho shit on a pop-star again.



I’ve purchased my first rated R movie on itunes, which includes plenty of yummy Chris eye candy 👅 😉

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