itunes meme

@danisnotonfire even Christopher Robin bought a copy of dapgo

exo at the beach

minseok: idk jogging probably, everyone thinks hes a lifeguard

luhan: looking dramatically Into the ocean, thinkin abt his cats

kris: as far away from the water as he can possibly get

junmyeon: its all fun and games until theres sand everywhere

yixing: stands right on the shoreline, his toes are soaked :(

baekhyun: frantically fixing his hair every ten seconds when the ocean breeze blows by

jongdae: tries to go fishing

chanyeol: cant stop wont stop taking photos

kyungsoo: sneaks up behind chanyeol and splashes him with the water

zitao: tries to take a selfie mid-swim, accidentally swallows water

jongin: playing frisbee with all the puppies!! an angel

sehun: tries to be an adult and pretends that he doesnt want to build the sickest sandcastle

Happy birthday @amazingphil !!!

Put your iTunes on shuffle and see the soundtrack to your life
  • Opening credits: The Wanted - Glad You Came
  • Waking up: Barcelona - Falling Out Of Trees
  • Falling in love: Secondhand Serenade - Hear Me Now
  • Fight song: OneRepublic - Come Home
  • Breaking up: Safteysuit - One Time ahahha how true.
  • Getting back together: OneRepublic - Apologize
  • Wedding: Donna Lewis & Richard Marx - At The Beginning OMG I'M DYING THIS SONG I CANT
  • Birth of child: Vertical Horizon - Everything You Want
  • Final battle: blessthefall - Stay Still
  • Death scene: Josh Groban - So She Dances
  • Funeral song: FM Static - Tonight
  • End credits: Scars On 45 - Heart On Fire
  • I would make a good movie.