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“You see, in my dotage, I have come to realize that I’m not 100% sure I truly exist. I may, just may mind you, be born and thrust forth out of the collective minds of those two horrors (Damon Albarn & Jamie Hewlett). It doesn’t make me any less real, but they did gave me substance. Or substances. I’m not sure.”

-Murdoc Niccals (iTunes Interview 2010)


The setting is in the middle of attack in Rhinestone Eyes music video, before Massive Dick chomped 2D’s part of basement room and they all got separated -of course with many of my personal interpretation and changes. Largely inspired by His Music, a very awesome 2Doc multi-chapter fic here.

Murdoc’s description of 2D is canon, that’s how he described 2D after the accident in iTunes Session interview :’)

Hope you enjoy this :]

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hhey so I've been wondering this for a while,, has 2D ever said fuck? like in a song or interview? I honestly can't remember if he ever has?? I just want to hear him say fuck???? please help

honestly?? I think the closest he’s ever come to swearing is in an ITunes session interview, when Murdoc and 2D are fighting and he yells “AH FLIPPIN HECK” and that’s it from what I know. maybe someone else here knows?

here’s a link sorry I can’t link shit on my phone

I love the iTunes interview during PB because 2D is off his pain meds which give him his ditzy nature and now he’s sassy as hell. Too bad Murdoc had to stop him with a chloroform rag because they both were having hissyfits at each other. Haven’t finished it yet, but I need more sassy 2D please it fuels me.

One of my favorite parts between em is:
“You’re an idiot”

Well it’s not actual sunshine, y’ know. I don’t have actual sunshine in an actual bag, y’ know. I’m not even sure that’s possible, uh… I’d have t’ check with someone like Stephen Hawkin’ on that… I-I did have a bag though, but it wasn’t actually sunshine inside the bag… it was some old gym clothes and some shoes and a paperback.
—  2D  (Gorillaz iTunes Interview)

Plastic Beach, this place I’m on, I think there’s something very odd happening here. You see, I just noticed, and it’s easy enough to point out, that since the beginning of time, each leap of evolution and innovation has taken a shorter and shorter amount of time. The universe was created fourteen billion years ago. Earth, four and a half billion years. Man arrived in its earliest state about four point five million years ago. And then we evolved into this state, homosapiens, about two hundred thousand years ago. The earliest cities appeared about six to seven thousand years ago over in Mesopotamia, and then we’ve been at war ever since, really. Right up until the last hundred years, and then we really kicked off. Population of the planet had gone from one billion to seven billion in the last hundred years. And every single piece of digital information and technology has exploded in this last century.

We’re crammed packed and it’s getting more and more escalating. The overload. Humanity is now squeezed into this tiny plastic bubble. Everything getting faster and faster, whirling towards an inevitable conclusion, a single point on the horizon, or in the middle of the ocean, say. The entire of time and history and evolution is hurtling towards a single point: Point Nemo. Plastic Beach. That’s what Plastic Beach is, I reckon. The end of days. The point of no return. It’s right here, it’s right now. It’s upon us. The future has finally come on. Today.

—  Murdoc Niccals, “Gorillaz iTunes Session Interview”

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ok so i've got paris, dallas, germany, wellington, even as young as you are, chairty match, pepsi ad, vmas tag i need to add more to. what other good things from 2012? :)

i hope you don’t mind that i’m answering this publicly, i’m a tad lazy so i want to use this list for reference in my own timeline.

you’ve already got paris, dallas, germany, wellington, the barbara walter interview, the charity game , pepsi, and the vmas,so you’re off to a good start.

other good 2012 dates/events












i’m also very fond of the vevo videos (diaries, interview, in america) and the access 1d videos.

i’m currently in the midst of reblogging 2012 posts so a lot of these tags will continue to grow in the next few weeks. hope this helps you!