The Story of Light Ep. 3 iTunes Digital Booklet ✩ 180625

“What image would you like to leave on Our Page?”
Onew: Let’s see each other for a long time~
Minho: Let’s cherish our precious memories in our hearts~
Key: We did a great job and well done SHINee World
Taemin: People who receive the light (Shining SHINee)

“What is the song that best fits the mood Tonight?”
Onew: Hypnosis by Taemin
Key: Retro
Minho: Good Evening
Taemin: Tonight

“What is your favorite Retro item?”
Onew: Vintage car
Minho: Denim jacket
Key: Vintage jeans
Taemin: Jeans

“I Say ______, you say ______”
Onew: I say “chicken”, you say “go go.”
Minho: I say “wairi”, you say “mino”
Key: I say “Ke”, you say “y”
Taemin: I say “energetic”, you say “Taem”

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NU’EST W has released the MV for “Dejavu,” the title track of their 2nd mini-album “Who, You.”

1. Signal
2. Dejavu
3. Polaris
4. Ylenol
5. Gravity&Moon
6. Shadow

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“Loving you was dumb, dark and cheap.
loving you still takes shots at me,
loving you was sunshine but then it poured,
and I lost so much more than my senses,
‘cause loving you had consequences.”

— Camila Cabello


SHINee has released the MV for “Our Page,” the title track of the 3rd part of the 6th album “The Story of Light EP.3.”

1. Our Page
2. Tonight
3. Retro
4. I Say
5. Lock You Down (Special Track)

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01. We Are The Others - Delain
02. Elan - Nightwish
03. Big Bad Wolf - In This Moment
04. Faster - Within Temptation
05. 570 - Motionless in White
06. Miserable Me - Phantasma
07. Until My Last Breath - Tarja
08. Good Enough - Evanescence
09. Blood, Tears, Dust - Lacuna Coil
10. Amen - Halestorm

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