Rent as Hamilton songs

EDIT EXPLAINING SAY NO/SATISFIED: take key lyrics from those songs and put them into their counterparts. “and if you give a damn, take me or leave me” being sang by Maria, “don’t say no to this” sung by Maureen. “May you always be satisfied” sung by Joanne to Maureen, “Gotta look on the bright side, with all of my might, I’d still fall for him anyhow” sung by Angelica.

AND THEN WE BE LIKE…… #cliffsedgeremixes #lashremix #outnow #itunes

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 From storytelling to scientific, and everything in between, podcasts are like magazines you can listen to– and completely free! There’s something to suit everyone’s interests, and if you don’t already listen to them, you should give podcasts a try. Here are some of the very best, and all are available on iTunes!

  1. This American Life: NPR’s journalistic nonfiction programme explores human nature and presents fascinating stories.
  2. The Allusionist: a podcast for your inner linguist, all about exploring language, words, and how we use them.
  3. BBC World Service Global News Podcast: straightforward news to keep you up-to-date with world events.
  4. Casefile: a factual true crime podcast exploring past cases in depth.
  5. The Moth: a storytelling podcast recording true stories presented to strangers, which tend to be incredibly entertaining.
  6. Serial: NPR’s serialized podcast exploring a different story in depth each season.
  7. The Documentary: features highlights from BBC World Service’s documentaries and other factual reports.
  8. TED Radio Hour: TED talks without the visual, and broadcast online in a radio format.
  9. UnFictional: a storytelling and documentary podcast which provides real-life stories ranging from the sincere to the comical.
  10. All In The Mind: an Australian programme which explores the brain and human behaviour.
  11. Stuff You Should Know: exactly as the title states, this podcast enlightens the listener on stuff they really should know.
  12. The Nerdist: a hilarious programme featuring celebrity guests with comic host Chris Hardwick.