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GRP 41-On for this episode is former US Navy SEAL Corpsman, and Sniper Kevin Lacz. @realkevinlacz is the author of the New York Times best selling book The Last Punisher: A SEAL Team THREE Sniper’s True Account of the Battle of Ramadi. Kevin was apart of a Sniper element with US Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. We talked about what its like going through BUDS which is the selection course for Navy SEALs. We talk Ramadi, mindset, SOF Medics, and some history. Below is an excerpt from our conversation.

John Hendricks: You didn’t have any plans to join the Navy. It kind of happened. Was it 9/11 that propelled you into the military?

Kevin Lacz: Yes. I went to my next door neighbors house, and saw what was happening on TV. Thing’s were going to be different. I went to the recruiting station to join the Marines. The Marines were actually out to lunch. So I went down to the Navy office, and saw a poster of a SEAL then told my recruiter I want to do that. Showed up at BUD” s for class 245. I had a back injury, and got rolled into 246.

John Hendricks: When you get injured how long does it take until you’re ready to continue? And does your stamina, and endurance take a hit? And does that make it more difficult when you do jump back in?

Kevin Lacz: It’s depends on the situation. I hurt my back, and I was out for about 2 months. Back then it was like hey your on light limited duty for like two weeks, they help get me back into swimming. They have a dedicated staff they help you get back into shape. It is a little more difficult jumping back into BUD’s with a different class. Like anything in BUD’s if you really want to do it you’ll figure it out. #GlobalReconPodcast #TheLastPunisher #SEALs #BUDs #USNavySEALs #Navy #USN #Sniper #Corpsman #Ramadi #SOF #Podcast #ITunes #Soundcloud @thelastpunisher

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