The Saotome Academy  Marching Band: Part 1

Summary: I wanted to write a good crack fic because well…. I haven’t really contributed a good crack fic to UtaPri yet and so… Wherever this shit leads, I wish you luck. Also, I’m making this a marching band AU because why tf not.

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  • *Tokiya and Otoya sitting on a bench*
  • Otoya:What are you looking at?
  • Tokiya:…Him.
  • *Reiji bent down, struggling with his shoe laces*
  • Tokyia:He has been trying for 5 minutes.
  • Otoya:He doesn’t know how to ties his shoe laces..
  • *Reiji gross sobbing at his shoes*
  • Otoya:He is crying.

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Toki, How do you deal with Reiji and Otoya when they get hyper?

T: “They are most likely already used to the sound of an air-horn in my opinion”

R: “Seriously. This is bullshit. you’re grounded the next time you blow that thing without permission.”

O: “I can’t feel my ears….”


Hey guys! owner of the historical “Ask Reiji” which is now my art blog @just-love-reiji, and I thought. I missed answering questions SO SO much, I thought “What the heck LETS BRING HIM BACK” But now, with Tokiya and Otoya to help him on his side! I don’t quite have rules for the blog yet SO you can throw anything at these idols. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO SPREAD THE WORD AND FOLLOW ALONG WITH A REBLOG <3

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Can I have STARISH'S reaction to being accidentally punched in the face by their sleeping s/o?

Natsuki Shinomiya – he thought it was rather adorable, actually. The way you thought you were dreaming about winning a fight. It didn’t hurt him, so he only brought you closer in a nice, snug hug. He could feel you squirm a little and then suddenly relax into his arms. He smiled enjoying the sight in front of him. “Sweet dreams, _____.” He kisses your forehead and falls back asleep awaiting the next morning where he can see your beautiful eyes.

Tokiya Ichinose – It stung a little, but he didn’t mind it. Tokiya started to ponder why you punched him in the first place. You were clearly asleep. “G-get away… . unless… want another… .” Based on your vague sleep talk he assumed you were dreaming about fighting another person and that transferred into reality. “_____, It’s me Tokiya.” He whispers into your ear while stroking your cheek trying to relax you. Your facial expression clearly changed to something that was more tranquil. “Toki…ya…” Satisfied, he felt his consciousness drifting off as he slept with a content smile on his face.

Cecil Aijima – Like Natsuki he thought it was an adorable reaction. He grabs your hand that was still connected to his face and gently pushed it back down to a more comfortable position for the both of you. He kisses your forehead and slowly closes his eyes. “My adorable princess…”

Ren Jinguji – He was carrying you back to your bed after falling asleep on the couch when he felt an impact on his chin. He notices your arm lower back to your body after hitting him. He stood for a moment confused. This normally didn’t happen when you were sleeping. It was rather interesting. He refocused on bringing you back to your bed. Leaving it behind, he laid you down with care and kissed your forehead.

Otoya Ittoki – He woke up in enough time before falling off the bed. Very confused, he says our fist still in its form. He knew what had happened. Otoya felt a little shocked that it had happened, but he didn’t mind. Instead, he placed your hand back to its original position and laid down. The red head decided to take in your peaceful expression before falling back into the nearly unconscious state called sleep.

Syo Kurusu – He was instantly knocked out of bed and now fully awake ready for a battle. That’s when he realized there was no real danger to be found. Confused, Syo was about to head back to bed when he noticed you had taken over the entire bed. The sight made him sigh as well as chuckle knowing he would have to sleep somewhere else. “______, sometimes you can be quite the work..” He mumbles as he rubs the back of his head.

Masato Hijirikawa – Masato was just watching you peacefully rest after successfully getting you to stop overworking yourself. He was just about to turn around when he felt an impact hit his right cheek. The force was enough to topple him over. Your arm still stayed stretched out long enough for Masato to notice it and put two and two together. Your arm relaxes back to its original position. “See? Your body is even reacting to the lack of sleep.” He says as he rubs the area he had been hit and quietly leaves your room.

Princess Box Countdown Day 195

Prompt: Huge

“I-It’s huge…”

“It’s fine, right?”

“I swear it won’t fit.”

“Just make it wider so it can go in easier.”

Syo’s eye twitched as he hesitated in front of the door. Something was going on in that room and he wasn’t sure if he wanted to know. He knew that Otoya and Tokiya disappeared thirty minutes before, but to do this…

“Seriously, it’s not going to fit.”

“Quit whining and just make it wider.”


Syo had enough. He threw the door open and ran inside. “I don’t know what you two or doing but it has to stop!” he yelled, bracing his eyes for a scene.

He was met by blank stares. Otoya was holding open a large trashbag that was already filled to the brim with… broken chair parts? He was rubbing a spot on his head while Tokiya, rather ungracefully, tried to stuff a chair leg into the bag.

“Wh-what is this?”

“Ah, Shining-shachou asked us to do this earlier,” Otoya explained because Tokiya was immersed in what he was doing. “Apparently these have been around for quite a while so he wanted us to get rid of them.”

Tokiya paused to look at Syo, “Did you think we were doing something else?…”