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I'm curious where you see Delgado in Missy? To me one is sane, a gentleman, even polite to Miss Grant. Missy is batshit crazy, thinks that giving the Doctor a Cyberman army is actually a /good/ idea, and certainly doesn't have the companion rapport with Clara that Delgado did. They're just too different to me.

It really depends on how you look at it.

Michelle Gomez’s mannerisms, expressions, and delivery are often similar to Delgado’s—she can pull the exact same sneer—but it’s more than that. There’s her semi-friendly attitude towards the Doctor, mirroring Delgado and Three’s fairly amiable relationship. There’s her concern for the Doctor, which Delgado frequently displayed. And yes, there’s politeness.

Delgado will always be the best at the whole charm thing—he was capable of murdering people and being impeccably polite about it—but it’s a trait most of the Masters have shared, and Missy is no exception. She invites Clara over for tea while holding the world’s planes hostage and politely asks about her boyfriend, knowing full well he’s dead. That’s exactly the kind of thing Delgado would do (I think an underrated part of Delgado!Master’s character is his sense of humour—the “he sat in this chair and just slipped away” line of in Terror of the Autons kills me every time). Like Delgado, Missy calls everyone “my dear” and generally speaks to people in a civil manner. She just has a tendency to suddenly switch to her “bananas” side, which isn’t my preferred thing, but I’m pretty sure it’s a calculated act on her part to throw people off balance. It’s not something Delgado would do, because he’s very invested in the gentlemanly image he presents, but a lot has happened to the Master since Delgado which has caused them to shed that image to a certain extent.

You’ll notice, though, that Missy does try to present a similar image at times, except she plays the role of the old-fashioned lady rather than the old-fashioned gentleman, and she’s more willing to toss the facade aside when it suits her.

As for the Cyberman army gift, it may seem like a weird thing for a supervillain to do, and if taking over the universe was the Master’s only motive, it would be completely out of character, but there’s more to the Master than that. They want the Doctor to acknowledge that they’re right, and that’s exactly what accepting the army would mean. It would be the Doctor agreeing that yes, the Master was right—conquering the universe is the best way to get what you want, and the Master knew it all along and the Doctor was wrong. When she kneels to him in the graveyard scene, it isn’t a gesture of submission, because if he accepts power over anyone—including her—it proves she was right and puts her in control of the situation, because he’d be doing exactly what she wanted.

The Master has always needed the Doctor’s approval to a certain extent, which is why they felt this scheme was necessary. They need the Doctor to acknowledge that they really are superior, and they need the Doctor to admit he was wrong and should’ve joined them from the start. The whole thing was about forcing the Doctor’s hand. If he accepted the army, the Master won, and if he refused, the Cybermen would kill all the Doctor’s precious humans and the Master would still win.

So how is all that like Delgado? Well, I rewatched Colony in Space yesterday, and I can see a clear parallel there. After the Doctor guides the Master to the Primitive city, the Master has no further use for him, but he keeps him around anyway and then offers him joint rulership of the universe. There is absolutely no reason the Master needs to do this. He isn’t the Doctor’s prisoner, trying to bargain a way out. He’s already in control and could kill the Doctor at any time. But he still tries to convince the Doctor to join him, and simply cannot understand the Doctor’s refusal. He offers the Doctor the exact same thing Missy offers him: the chance to help people. All the Doctor has to do is accept that the Master is right and that using the superweapon to conquer the universe would be in everyone’s best interests. It’s a very similar scenario to Death in Heaven.

You mention Delgado’s relationship with Jo vs. Missy’s relationship with Clara, but it’s important to note that the Master/Jo relationship is pretty much unique. Most other companions absolutely despise the Master. Jo is the only one who really comes to close to getting along with him, and Clara actually comes closer than others like Tegan and Martha do.

Basically, if you focus on the “batshit crazy” parts of Missy’s personality, then it’s easy to say she isn’t much like Delgado, but she has plenty of calmer moments filled with cold, calculated evil, and she can turn on the politeness when it suits her. I would also argue that Delgado has a lighter, zanier side, which often gets overlooked. There’s his sense of humour, which I already mentioned, plus other things like murdering people with daffodils, having way too much fun as a cult leader/vicar (including reciting Mary had a little lamb backwards to summon a demon), watching The Clangers, using ridiculous aliases, and taking people calling him evil as a compliment. He’s more reserved than later Masters, certainly, but he enjoyed himself immensely in his evil escapades.

open all SHIELD personnel : calme café

His usual seat in the Helicarrier’s cafeteria had been empty during a too long time. It was not far from the windows and not far from the kitchen. Actually so close of the kitchens that most agents despised that table because there was always movements around it. There was the cooks coming and going, the deliveries, and also the agents coming to serve themselves before going back to whatever destination they choose. Sometimes, they were aiming for inside the cafeteria, sometimes for the vue, sometimes for a dark corner and even sometimes for a table with friends. Sometimes they were just bursting out of the room to go back to their work, a coffee in hand, a donut between the teeth and a data pad in the other hand. Sometimes they were taking an entire meal and sometimes they were just here for coffee.

That time Jean was just here for coffee and the calm pleasure of contemplating the life around him. It really had been to long since the last time he did that. But he had to recover from a near death experience (another one, twice in two years, maybe he should slow down a little) then catch up on the paper work and also… well, let’s say that Princess Mother Hen really wanted to make sure that she was the one preparing his coffee and he was pretending to be paranoid enough to care about that. Today he had decided that the coffee from her kitchen was sure enough.

Today he had decided that it was a good day to relax and see if someone interesting would pass by.


“I am a new agent, working in the Unnaturals Division,” Tiger said, putting her ID away with still trembling hands. “I could use the refresher, but I was not aware that you were in charge of it.”

“…A hunter is always intimidating to a vampire,” she said softly.

Eyebrows quirked upwards. A vampire. SHIELD had hired a vampire?

“I’m not in charge of Training, I only head up the Hunting program. And who exactly brought you into SHIELD?”

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Vampires annoyed Maria Hill on a very personal level. Jubilee knew that, and so she stayed away as much as possible. But Maria sometimes had to interact with them; it was part of the job.

Not her fault if vampires made her wish she owned an adamantium gorget…

So she sat at the bar in the restaurant and eyed the woman sitting alone across the room. Maybe, at some point, Tiger had been human. SHIELD’s records didn’t go back that far. They went back just far enough, to World War II and the Unsung Heroes of Stalag 13, to know the woman had been on the side of the angels.

But that was the thing about vampires; they mightn’t always stay on that side…

Maria wandered over and sat down opposite Tiger. The meet hadn;t been difficult to arrange, and for that reason alone she was suspicious.

“Tiger. It’s nice to finally meet you. I am Agent Hill, of SHIELD.”

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Tiger found herself in a very strange location, one that she had never seen before. She wasn't sure how this had happened, since she had gone to sleep in her own bed the night before. Maybe she was still dreaming? But this all seemed too real to be part of her subconscious mind. Perhaps somebody would be able to help her.

“Are you all right, Midgardian?” Eir had been collecting herbs outside the city walls when she came across the woman wearing the strange attire inhabitants of the mortal realm seemed to prefer nowadays. The stranger seemed confused and disoriented. It was possible she had accidentally slipped through one of the dimensional cracks created unintentionally during the Convergence by the Earth scientist, Jane Foster