I mostly write Destiel or Reader Inserts but I’m open to all things :)

Oneshots unless otherwise specified. The titles link to the tumblr post.

[F]luff ; [A]ngst ; [S]mut ; [C]rack ; [B]ittersweet (not quite angst, not quite fluff).

Destiel [No word count means drabbles: 500 words or less]

Solitary (ao3) When he comes to—and he will—Cas won’t remember what drove him mad in the first place. [A]

How it is now (ao3) Cas throws an elbow up, a move Dean taught him, and sends Lucifer stumbling back through the portal just as it closes.Then, they’re alone. Together and quiet. Post 12.23 [F][A] 

Beat (ao3) Cas goes away again, but he takes Dean [flying] with him. [F]

Colours of Pride (ao3) A drabble per colour of the Pride Flag: Red is the hot pulse of alive, blue is the bleak lulls between good days, and purple is the satisfaction of a scratched itch. // 1.4k [F][A][S][B]

The Best of Fools (ao3) ‘The label is misleading’ is Cas’ initial reaction. There is no music on Dean’s top 13 Zepp Traxx, at least not until the very end. // 1.4k [B]

PROMPTED (ao3) Drabbles spawned from one word prompts, courtesy of the sweet people in the dcbb firechat (a place of pain and sin).
Hair (ao3) Dean likes Cas’ hair a lot. Cas might like Dean’s hair too much. [F]
Jeans (ao3) Dean and Cas do it with their jeans still on until they start doing it with their pants off. [S]
Desk (ao3) Dean gets himself a hobby. [F]
100 word smut (ao3) Deancas smut in exactly one hundred words. [S]
Candle (ao3) Cas is a wtich and Dean is his apprentice. pre-[S]-ish
Basket (ao3) Dean works a case in a mental ward where a blue-eyed patient takes interest in him. [Not applicable: N/A]
Pride (ao3) Cas finds out about Pride. [F]
Wing Burns (ao3) Cas comes back eventually, of course he does, but every night Dean relives his death anyway. [A]
Dildo (ao3) It’s too small. [S]
Lollipop (ao3) “You’re something alright, Cas, but you’re not fine.”  [F]

In the lulls between tracks (ao3) Dean buys it, the house and the land where Cas dies.12.23 coda (of sorts). // 1k [A][B]

I’m All You’ve Known (ao3) “You said you lov- You said-” Dean can’t say it, Cas never should have, so he drinks more instead. // 3.8k [A][F][S]

Designated Duties (ao3) Dean is the one who ties Cas’ ties for him. [F]

Dean Wants What Cas Wants (ao3) Cas hums again. “This is why I don’t want you in clothes, Dean. Too pretty to hide away.” [S]

You Keep Those (ao3) Dean offers Cas a present. One Cas takes great joy in unwrapping. One they can enjoy together. [S]

Jimmy Novak Can Sing (and so can Cas) (ao3) The closest bar to the bunker that the Winchesters think is far enough that it’s safe to frequent regularly has an open mic night. [F]

Angel of What Matters Most (ao3) Dean has etymology questions and Cas is not amused. [F]

Offered Flour (ao3) Dean takes the job at Gabriel’s Bakery to help put Sam through college. Sam gets a full ride though so when Dean keeps the job at Gabriel’s Bakery it’s for the cute blue-eyed employee. [F]

Ice Cream Afternoon (ao3) “Whatever nervousness Dean was experiencing (for whatever reason) is forgotten then as Cas snaps his body to face him and grins a wide gummy smile that Dean thinks blinds him more than the overhead sun.” [F]

After Sex With Cas (ao3) Sex with Cas is great. In fact, Dean thinks it’s the best. He wouldn’t change a damn thing about it. Except… [F][S]

Kisses by Sunflower Beds (ao3) Cas can’t bring Dean back, but he can’t be without him, either. So Cas leaves to meet versions of Dean he hasn’t come across before. Dean at three as a snotty toddler. At eight as a grubby child. At fifteen when he’s already damaged. Cas travels through time to meet Dean throughout his life, different version of the man and Cas loves every single one. // Not a drabble: 3.3k [F][A][S][B]

What is Real is Real is Real (ao3) Cas tries to convince himself that God hasn’t abandoned him. He learns that it doesn’t matter either way. [F]

Telling Cas (ao3) Dean tells Cas how he feels about him. Post 12x12. [F][S]

Given The Time (ao3) A sleepy Dean thinks of Cas. 12.15 coda of sorts. [A]

Let Go (ao3) Dean picks up a leaf and has thoughts about it. [B][F]

More Than Four (ao3) Why Cas likes these mornings best. [F]

Dean x reader or Dean x OFC

For What It’s Worth (ao3) You borrow something of Dean’s and he is not pleased. You are not pleased that he is not pleased. That’s not to say that pleasure isn’t derived from the overall situation. [S]

Of The Beholder (ao3) You and Dean go to an underground poker game of the supernatural variety. It goes exactly as planned. Or at least as close to planned as either of you expected. [B][C][Case fic. Bamf!Reader]

Movies that End in a Kiss (ao3) You tell Dean you’re in love with him exactly three times. [B][A][F]

Scar Tissue (ao3) Dean meets a girl in a bar and their damaged parts seem to match. [B]

Snippet: “I don’t want to alarm anyone but you’re presenting yourself as quite the gambler,” He teased. “Betting left and right.”

“I’m a thrill seeker.” She shrugged exaggeratedly, in a ‘what can you do’ sort of way. “Promise I’m good for it, though.”

About Dean’s Dreams (ao3) Dean writes letters to the woman of his dreams. As in, the woman he’s with when he’s asleep. [B][A][F][S]

The Orange Thing (ao3) If you’re honest with yourself, you might have gone a tad bit overboard. A smidge, really. But nothing captured your attention, your fascination, quite as much as the Orange Phenomenon. [C][S-sorta]

Watch forever (ao3) A list of things Dean likes to look at. (Including you.) [F][B]

Take Me Home (ao3) It’s not a secret that Dean cheats on you and it’s not a secret that you don’t like it. [A][B][S]

We’ll Build a tree house (ao3) You and Dean move into a new place and. In most ways, it’s a step down from the bunker. [F][B]

No more waiting (ao3) After a case that was more touch and go than either are comfortable with, Dean and Mace take an even bigger risk. [S][F][A]

Snippet: “Hookers don’t wear hoodies, Sammy.” Dean took it upon himself to educate his little brother.

Mace rolled her eyes as she rubbed her hands together. “Dean knows all about that working girl life.”

Something about salvation (ao3) -complete- [A][B][F]
(part 1) (part 2)

A rogue soul escapes hell and its tortures. Top side, she runs into a man wearing the same face as one of her tormentors from her first decade in the pit. The one who had piercing green eyes.

Or, one of the souls Dean tortured in hell escapes and he’s forced to face his actions from his last month in the basement.

To The Hilt (ao3) -complete- [F][A][S]
Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Sequel Links to come.

When they run into her for the fourth time in a fourth state, Sam and Dean don’t think it’s a coincidence anymore. Maybe they kidnap her to get to the bottom of things. Maybe they accidentally put her on a path of destruction. Maybe Dean falls in love with her a little. Serves her right for stalking them, to be honest.

Not a Day Goes By (ao3) [Sequel to To The Hilt] -ongoing- [F][A][S]
Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Links to come.

Robin died. First in Dean’s arms and then again when she vanished. Dean is hurt and angry and devastated and so goddamn committed to getting her back.

Castiel x reader or Castiel x OFC

Something to get used to (ao3) Cas comes to live in the bunker full time and Ace has a hard time adjusting. [F][pre-S]

As You’re Told (ao3) -ongoing- [S][F][eventual-A]

You start dating Castiel, a famous physicist, when you get hired at the same university as him. A few months into the relationship, you explore dom/sub dynamics within your sex lives.

Snippet: “They’re just toys,” Cas says.

“So you’ve said.”

“You want to try them?”

You don’t say anything.

“You want to try it?” He asks and tries to keep his voice as natural sounding as possible but you don’t miss the smallest of hitches.

“What’s ‘it’?”


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Abriel Sakamaki
•Heathens (Twenty One Pilots)
•Pretty Handsome Awkward (The Used)
•The Bomb (Pigeon John)
•Hey Brother (Avicii)
•Comin’ In Hot (Hollywood Undead)

Christa Sakamaki
•Lone Digger (Caravan Palace)
•Hymn (Kesha)
•Something in the Way You Move (Ellie Goulding)
•Bittersweet (Myuu)
•So What (P!nk)

Cherie Ackerman
•Smile HD
•Sunburst (Tobu & Itro)
•Princess Charming (Megan & Liz)

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