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(okay but like wtf is my music taste this is literally all over the place but i recommend all of these songs)

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Bittersweet Tragedy - Melanie Martinez

Lies - Marina and the Diamonds

Overyjoyed - Bastille

Omen - Disclosure ft Sam Smith

Do you? - TroyBoi

Youth - Daughter

Make You Feel - Alina Bara & Galimatias

I Bet My Life (bastille remix) - Bastille & Imagine Dragons (imagine bastille for life)

Space Oddity - David Bowie

Sex On Fire - Kings of Leon

Milk & Cookies - Melanie Martinez

Uprising - Muse

Forth of July - Fall Out Boy

Fineshrine - Purity Ring

Easy - Lorde + Son Lux

The Lucky Ones - Kerli

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