You know the cool thing about space? Out of a billion possibilities, we came up with something so vast it appears empty. It’s emptiness is amazing. Think about it- all matter was once contained in a single singularity infinitely small. Then the Big Bang happened. There is no matter in space; I mean, space isn’t made of matter. Things in space are, but space isn’t. That singularity didn’t have any empty spots, otherwise it could get smaller. And singularities can’t get smaller. So this vastness was here before time began. And then when the Big Bang happened, the infinite nothingness suddenly became everything. It went from being the most empty thing that contained an infinitely small speck of something brilliant so miniscule that it couldn’t be seen no matter how hard you searched, to something that was brilliant throughout. An infinitely large brilliance. And it started from a single spark. Well, there’s a tiny speck of the universe in all of us.

“It takes a spark.”

—  foxy-poet

so instead of studying this is what i do…. and now that i’m done gotta go back to studying. T___T so imma just leave this here.

Monster - Paramore (Cover)


the PACN Spice Girls medley for marc :] your turn!