I’ve had this blog since I was 12, and watching it grow to this level is something truly spectacular. Meeting a bunch of awesome people, learning more about my favorite band, and figuring out how to use Photoshop are just a few of the amazing things that have happened to me over the course of these years. I’ve really grown with you guys and I’m really glad you’re all speculating me blog about the best band the world has ever seen. It means a lot that 6000 people validate me, and I’m here today to validate all of the amazing blogs I follow. I really love all of you, and thanks for being on this journey with me.

Without further ado, here’s my follow forever:
My closest friends are bolded!

@220211 // @22isliketheworstidea // @aintitprmr // @aliyasexception // @blameitonparamore // @brandneweyed // @caughtmyself // @duopmore // @enemysong // @gay4tayloryork // @gooddyeyoung // @escaperooute // @halseypmore // @hayley-wiliams // @hayleyfire // @hayleyfromparamore // @hayleyperfectwilliams // @hayleywiliamsdaily // @hayleywilliamsonline // @hayleywilliamsupdated // @hayleywilliasm // @hayleywpictures // @hey-paramore // @iamrockqueen // @im-a-paramonster // @inthemovrnings // @itsjustasparks // @its-justt-a-spark // @itsyaylortork // @jeremydavisfuckyeah // @lanternparks // @lemonadew // @lesbian4hayley // @let-s-be-freaks // @littletayloryorkthings // @littleyorkthings // @louisquinnzel // @lyrebelacqua // @morepmore // @messycyan // @moodtm // @mylittleriot // @native-route // @noclosertoheaven // @not-perfect-working-on-it // @ohmyhayleywilliams // @ohtyork // @oncemore-paramore // @memoryfades // @misguidedgho5t // @p-aramores // @paintparamore // @paracism // @paracredible // @parahoys // @paradaydreaming // @paramajestic // @paramass // @parammore // @paramore // @paramore-paramour // @paramore-tres // @paramoreaddict // @paramoredailybr // @paramoreedaily // @paramoreexperience // @paramoreintl // @paramoremusiccom // @paramoreserbia // @paramorestrongunit // @paramoreupdates // @paramorgasm // @paramourning // @paramowre // @parapizzamore // @parareflection // @parawhors// @pastelparamore // @pmoreband // @pmorenetwork // @pointparamore // @radhayleywilliams // @readingparamore // @robotical-paramore // @shad0winthenight // @shouttogether // @sirxusblack // @sittinginsilence // @softhayleywilliams // @still-into-paramore // @syrupyysweet // @tayleyshipper // @taylor-york // @taylorisapuppy // @tayloryorkofparamore // @that-what-you-get // @thatyelyahgirl // @thoseopeneyes // @warpedbyparamore // @wkthemoon //  @we–are–paramore // @weknowbrandnewselfriot // @welovebutterfingle // @writing-the-future-with-paramore // @yeelyahwilliams // @yelyahayley // @yelyahhair // @yelyahwilliams // @yelyuh // @yorkgifs // @yorkphobia


So I just hit 1.5k followers (WHAT) but thank you guys for following and liking my edits and basically being the best fanbase ever! I don’t have many friends but I feel like the Parafamily are my friends. Everyone is so nice! Anyway, here are so my favorite blogs, I just want to give them a little shoutout (this isn’t in alphabetical order, by the way):

@benjaminyork @louisquinnzel @paramoremusiccom @blameitonparamore @yelyahayley @hayleywilliamsclothingposts @aliyasexception @paramoreisoureverything @parahoys @morepmore @paramores @itsjustasparks @radhayleywilliams @yelyuh @caughtmyself @misguidedgghostss @paramourning @robotical-paramore @paramass @hayleywilliamsupdated @itsyaylortork @paramoreupdates @taylorisapuppy @yelyahwilliams @warpedbyparamore @hayleyfromparamore @paramorgasm @paramore @paralol @paintparamore @hayleywilliasm @fuckyeahhayleywilliams @escaperooute @hayleywiliamsdaily @tayleyshipper @essence-of-paramore

An adorable little anon asked me to make a follow forever and I’m close to my next hundred in any way so yay! I love y’all and everyone I follow, so thank you for making my dash awesome and my tumblr experience better. I found a lot of amazing friends and tumblr has taught me a lot about things I never thought about before, so thank you. If I forgot someone, I’m terribly sorry and you can punch me in the face, tell me I forgot you and then I’ll add you ofc ♥ also these must be about 300 blogs or something, shorry about that y’all.

# 20dollarfalloutboy | 220211 | 22isliketheworstidea

ABC aintitfab | aintitfuck | aintithayley | aintitprmr | aliyasexception | allwaysparamoree |americanstumpy | anenemyssong | ankl3biters | ankelbiters | anklexbiters | argentwings |asluckyasus | ayloryork | b-ullshits | badblands | badlans | badsblood | baekhmore |baeleywilliams |bandsandcereal | because-paramore | beginningflames | behindmcr | bellarkkes | belleanima |bihayley | blacklikeburnttoast | blameitonparamore | blondehayley | blurjosh | blurryburnham |blurryjoshua | boparamore | bornsforthis | bothwentmads | boulevardofdreams |brandneweyed | brickbyparamorebrick | butitwillhappen | camphalftribute | captain-stumps |cavuhlieryouth | colorsinautumn | crawlingindark | crimsoncursed | crushonyork |cutmeuphayley

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MNO meisinvaderzim | memoryandspark | memoryfades | metthewmurdock | melodyoftears |misery-factories | miserydesigns | misguidedgho5t | missyelyahwilliams | moreanklebiters |morepmore | mourningslide | movingflames | mrmzts | my-parawhore-heart | my-pussy-tastes-like-diamonds | mylittleriot | mynameishawke | myriahmore | native-route | nativeroute | need-paramore | neonlighted | newromantis | nobodycansee | nonotthistime | not-perfect-working-on-it | notgerardway | nothinginthelights | odetostump | ohglories | ohhwilliams | ohlexaclarke |ohmyhay | ohmyhayleywilliams | ohparamoreyeah | ohpmore | ohtyork | ohyorks | okayitstellme| onlyparamorex | onedimore | onlyproof | orangehairedqueen | outfoxfate

PQR paintparamore | panicatthediscow | para-moor | parachore | paracredible | paracrush-me| paradavis | paradaydreaming | paradrugged | paragif | parahhhmore | paraitsokay | paralol |paralotmore | paralovemore | paramajestic | paramass | paramhore | paramiserybusiness |paramoarr | paramoe | paramophy | paramordor | paramorons | paramorearelife |paramoreeh | paramorgasm | paramore-dork | paramore-edits | paramore-more-kristen |paramore-yall | paramoreclique | paramoreedaily | paramoreisjermhaytay | paramoresongs |paraspark | paramorester | paramorevil | paramorxlive | paramoured | paramourning |paramowre | pararmy | paraswift | paraswift13 | paraversa | plupoe | praytothegay |puncturedwingedbutterflies | punkpassion | piecesintoplaces | playingsgod | pointparamore |powramore | prettyparamore | pvris-more | radhayleywilliams | radioactivemourning |radparamore | rareparamore | readingparamore | releasethedoves | renegadeswift | riotgear-on | riotsgear | riotyourself

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Ok, so I finally reached 3,5k followers and I just want to thank you all for that, and the best way to do this is making a follow forever!!! (I guess)
Thanks for follow me, reblog me, for talking to me… thanks for everything, I love being here, I love being a part of it!
I wish I could put all my followers here but I can’t so i’m putting some of my mutual’s that everyone should follow! You all are incredible!
here we go.
ps: i love all my followers!

I was too lazy when i did this


3-w-a-y, adorehayley adorevera,admirablewilliams, aintitstill, aliveparamore, amnesiawilliams, anabandgrl, anklebitch, asluckyasus, badlans, blameitonparamore, bornforiot, bornfortis, borrowlights, cesiltheduck, colddnights


d4vis–y0rk, daydreamingofparamore, decodedyork, delreyork, diangeloshug, enemysong, enemysongs, escaperooute, escapingroute, fallouthayley, fastinmycarradio, fedbyparamore, flamebegins, flamesbeginn, fightshy, fuckingpvris, futureroute.


hayboomb, havetogrowup, haylesass, hayleyfromparamore, hayleyperfectwilliams, haylenwilliams, hayleyrwilliams, hayleywilliasm, hayslaay, hollandrodhen, hoparamore, ierwhoa, ignorancx, im-a-paramonster, imintoyork, intoflames, intrludeholiday, is-paramore, itsallparamore, itsjust-aspark, itsyaylortork, jeremydvs, jeremyley, joshller, just-a-tiny-spark.


last-hoppe, lastriotgearon, let-s-be-freakss, liveforparamore, madepmore, maximoff-scarletwitch, mcdlougall, memoryfades, miiserybusiness, misery-factories, misguidedgghostss, misguidedwhoa, moneyspowerglory, morepmore, movingflames, mourningslide, mrmzts, mylittleriot, nativetonge, nobodycansee, nothinginthelights, odetotheflames, oh-williams, ohpmore, ohstarr, ohyorks, ohtyork, otpyou.


paintparamore, parachore, paracoustic, paralol, paralovemore, paramass, parameir, paramoarr, paramoe, paramore-is-big, paramore-is-a-renegade, paramore-yall, paramorebrasiloficial, paramoreclique, paramoreisours, paramoretbh, paramorgasm, paramorxlive, paramourning, paramowre, parapotteriana, pararemain, parareflection, playingsgod, plupoe, pmorestan, pparamoree, powramore.


radwilliams, readingparamore, renegadeswift, riot-goat, running-things, seizvreatthedisco, selftitled-clone, selftitledera, sharmun, stewmore, sittinginsilence, smolfuentes, skeletonsclique, skystorms, stateparamore, stillspookin, still-into-paramore, tay-york, taykills, taylorsbeard, tayloryorkcrew, taylorisapuppy, tayloyork, taylxryxrk, teenagemiseryfactory, tellmeitsckay, tellmetoheal, the-queen-of-headbanging, theonlyproofisparamore, theonethatgotaways, theparamores, thosecrzygirls, thoseopeneyes, turnitcff, txrnitoff.


uhpmore, visitbdlands, warpedbyparamore, wasparamore, weakjohanna, wearebornfthis, whitenoiise, whysohayley, writingourfuture, writingsthefuture, xpmore, xlittledecoy, yeelyahwilliams, yeelyahwilliams, yelyahalsey, yelyahayleys, yelyahweasley, yorkphobia 

I hit 1k followers a few days back and I’m honestly so thankful for that and I never thought it would even happen. I’ve had this blog for quite some time now and I’m so happy with all you guys and the friends I’ve made here. So here is my first follow forever, you should follow all these rad blogs. (If you’re bolded you should feel special). Crappy gif: check




aintithayley akaonlyork asleep-0rdead asluckyasus babymerricks blackandwhiteparamore blameitonparamore butterfingle-paramore cantcountonnoone conspiracy


dailydoseofparamore davismore deathvallie enemysong escaperooute essence-of-paramore fastfoodinmycar feelngsorry fivesecondsofparamore flamesbeginn fuck-yeah-paramore futureroute fytayloryork


hayleyfashion hayleyfromparamore hayleyismyonlyexception hayleyismyqueen hayleyonlywilliams hayleyperfectwilliams hayleywiliamsdaily hayleywilliamsupdated hayleywilliasm hello-cold–w0rld hellofedericoworld hesitantalien i-m-not-one-of-those-crazy-girls iamrockqueen im-a-paramonster imintoyork its-justt-a-spark its-paramoron itsyaylortork


jeremydavisfuckyeah justimagineparadragons lesbian4hayley let-em-rise los-paramores


mickeymousemad146 miizbiiz miserydesigns missserybusiness missyelyahwilliams moreparamoreeeee mylittledecoy-paramore mylittleriot native-route nativetonge need-paramore noneofyourmiserybusinessohstarr only-parawhores onlyamisguidedghost 


pa-ra-mo-r-e paintparamore parachore paramhore paramolizei paramore paramore-edits paramoreaholic paramorearelife paramoreclique paramoredoingthings paramorefuckyeah paramoreisoureverything paramoretattoos paramorgasm paramourning parapizzamore paraswift paraswift13 pmore-graphics pmorefans pmoremyheart pointparamore pparamoree pvnkdun rad-paramore rareparamore 


sing-us-that-song still-into-misguided-ghosts taylorisapuppy tayloryorkdaily tayyloryork thatyelyahgirl the-loveable-goof theechoeshavefadedout theyremorethanjustaband thnkyoufrthevnm those-darn-anklebiters thoughts-i-cant-decode 


warpedbyparamore we-have-an-emergency weareparamooooooore weborrowwourlight wheredidpetego yeelyahwilliams yellyahwillliams zach-fredenburg

Well, this is my first follow forever ☝, i reached 4k followers!! Thank you so much to everyone for your support! :) I adore each and every one of you ❤️ italics - mutuals // bold - faves

A - C

@aintitprmr @aintsitfun @afanofparamore @aintitfunlisteningtoparamore @aint-it-punk @aliveparamore @aliyasexception @allweknown @allweknowisfallen @all-weknow-is @all-we-know-is-rising @alluneedspmore @amooparamore @andwejustwanttohavefun @anklexbiters @ankl3biters @anklebiter @asluckyasus @avidwash @awakeinsideadream @awesomethefinalriot @blameitonparamore @blacktoxicromance @blondeyelyah @blrrydun @brandneweyed @bradvolpe22 @brand-new-self @brandnew-paramore @butterflies-conalasperforadas @careffful @careywilliams @con-paramore-hastaelfinal @conspiraccy @coolparamorelove @crazy-parawhores @creepwhore @crushonyork

D - H 

@d-parawhore @dailypmore @dailydoseofparamore-deactivated @dearhayleyy @do-you-rememberthat @dorianpvus @duopmore @enanaparawhore @enemysong @enemysongs @escaperooute @essence-of-paramore @fallouthayley @fallinlovewithyourself-again @fangirlinred @fastinmybed @findhayley @fontedeeternofrio @foofxckers @formoreparamore @forthesakeofthetardis @fuckyeahhayleywilliams @fuckhayleywilliams @fxxkyeahparamore @gay-is-fucking-okay @gayforhayleyposts @halseypmore @hapiness-and-books @hayleywiliamsdaily @hayleyfromparamore @hayleywpictures @hayleyshair @hayelyah @hayleyisadorable @hayleyperfectwilliams @hayleyofparamore @hayleyonlywilliams @hayleyshands @hayleywilliamsupdated @hayleywilliasm @hayleywilliamsclothingposts @hayleywilliamsedits @hwilliams-tyork-paramore @hayleywgilbert

I - M 

@istillloveparamore @iwantyoualive @imintoparamore @i-can-decode @iamrockqueen @ieromcdougall @ijustloveyelyahwilliams @ijustlovehayleywilliams @im-a-paramonster @im-so-far-away-without-you-now @im-going-away-for-a-while @imintoparamore @imnotoneofthosecrazyboys @interlude-moving-on @inloveofparamore @intrludeholiday @ismyfckinstuff @still-into-paramore @still-into-punk @stillintohayley @itsjust-aspark @itsyaylortork @its-justt-a-spark @itsparamoore @just-a-tiny-spark @just-think-of-the-future @jeremydavisfuckyeah @jeremydavisdaily @jeremyclavis @justpullme @justgottaletithappen @ketlendavis @lameparawhore @letsbeparamore @lightning-rad @little-paramonster @lordtbyork @m-hayley12388 @mariiparawhore @marieparawho @miserydesigns @missserybusiness @miseryparamore @misguidedwhoa @misguidedgghostss @misguidedgho5t @morepmore @mourningslide @movingflames @my-parawhore-heart @myparalove @lostinadarkworld @iwantyoualive

 N - P

@n4tiuniverse @native-route @nativetonge @need-paramore @newmurricana @noemi-pantoja @noneofyourmiserybusinesz @nuclearzibara @nxghtswefeltalive @ohmyhay @ohpmore @ohmyhayleywilliams@ohparamoreyeah @ohstarlesscity @ohtyork @ohyorks @omgparamoregifs @one-of-those-crazy-girlz @onedimore @oopsiloveparamore @p-aramoreee @p-a-r-a-w-h-o-r-e-4-e-v-e-r @pa-ra-mo-r-e @paintparamore @paramoregifs @paramoreupdates @paramass @paramore-edits @paragif @paralol @paralovemore @paramore-sanctuary @paramoredailybr @paramoreedaily @paramoreeh @paramorgasm @paramowre @parapilotss @paratimes @paraversa @paraxmores @parayeah @pmore-graphics @pmorenetwork @pmorestan @pointparamore @princessfrank @pwhoregifs @parawhore4ever @parawho0ore

Q - U 

@radhayleywilliams @randomnessunicorn @rareparamore @readingparamore @robotical-paramore @rockparamore27 @self-titled-art @seltalde @sickasfrick @sittinginsilence @skynnyjeans @some-dosts @sparkwilliams @spongebob-williams @spooky-paramore @stateparamore @stfuxnicole @still-into-paramore @stillintohayley @suchaprettybarakat @syrupyysweet @tay-york @tayleyshipper @taylorisapuppy @taylorfastinmycar @taylorsbeard @tayloryorkcrew @tell-me-its-okey @theparamoreband @theparamores @tyorkdaily @ukparamore @underpinkskys @urlittledecoy

W - # 

@warpedbyparamore @warpedtourhayley @we-have-an-emergency @we-are-p-more @weareparamore @weareparamoreforever @with-hayley @xpmore @xpmorelovex @yeahayley @yehellyahwilliams @yellyahwillliams @yelyahhair @yelyahiero @yelyahweasley @yelyahwilly @yelyeh @yorkphobia @youarenotapieceofart @-paralover- @-letsbefreaks @1firefly23 @220211 @5seconds-of-hayley

Hii there guys.. So I have no idea how but I reached 4k followers today. And it’s honestly the weirdest thing.. I didn’t feel like doing a promo and don’t have stuff I wanna give away or the money for it (Maybe I’ll do a giveaway when I reach 5k idk idk no promises) But I just thought I have all these amazing blogs and people I follow and honesty you should be following them too. 
If you’re bolded it means that I either consider us friends or you’ve been nice to me before / I talked to you a couple times / you’ve tagged me in challenges more than twice and I still remember.

1 - # 22isliketheworstidea

A - D aliyasexception anklexbiters asluckyasus ayloryork beginningflames bellamysparamore blameitonparamore brand-new-self brandnewpmore clarkemanninq dailydoseofparamore dailypmore dallonvveekly dancin-all-alone

E - H eat-i-mean-meet-lynn-gunn enemysong escaperooute essence-of-paramore fairlylllocallldreamer farlylocal fastinmycarradio feelngsorry frnkrevenge hayleyismyonlyexception hayleylujiah-pmore hayleyofparamore hayleyonlywilliams hayleyperfectwilliams hayleywiliamsdaily hayleywilliasm hayleywonline hellofedericoworld hesitantalien heycookies hwilliams-tyork-jdavis

I - L i-m-not-one-of-those-crazy-girls i-think-im-punk-or-something iamrockqueen im-a-paramonster im-an-optimistic-pessimist  imintoyork imscareddontjudgeintrludeholiday its-justt-a-spark its-paramoron itsalittlespark itsthelittlemissawkwardgirl itsyaylortork justanothernervouskid justimagineparadragons let-em-rise los-paramores

M - P mairimamenix mcdougalls mickeymousemad146 miizbiiz misguided–conspiracy missserybusiness missyelyahwilliams morepmore mylittledecoy-paramore mylittleriot native-route nativetonge need-paramore next-time-you-point-a-finger not-perfect-working-on-it  one-mudblood ohstarr paintparamore para-moor para-sogg paradaydreaming parahhhmore paramass parameganx paramhore paramolizei paramophy paramore-dork paramore-dreamer paramore-edits paramore-iii paramore-obsessed paramorearelife paramoreclique paramoredoingthings paramoreforeverbroficial paramoreisoureverything paramorester paramoretattoos paramorgasm paramorreo paramourning paramowre parapizzamore parareflection paraswift13 parawhorewilliams pmoremyheart pointparamore pparamoree put-yourself-backtogether pvnkdun

Q - T readingparamore renegadeswift shad0winthenight shitstormatthedisco sing-us-that-song sognidainseguire still-into-misguided-ghosts sundaysonfire tayleyshipper taylorfastinmycar taylorisapuppy tayloryorkcrew tayloryxrk tayloyork teenagemiseryfactory tellmeitsckay the-paramore-addict the-queen-of-headbanging theonlyproofisparamore thewinchestersolider thnkyoufrthevnm those-darn-anklebiters thoughts-i-cant-decode thousand-noises 

U - Z uncoolparamore uriecum warpedbyparamore weareparamooooooore willlamfarthouse work-it-out xshinodax yahparamoreyel yeelyahwilliams yellyahwillliams yorkphobia zach-fredenburg

Okay so I think that’s it but I’m sure that I at least accidentally forgot someone. So if you’re that someone please please message me cause I honestly just read past your url and didn’t want to forget you and I’ll give you a special shout out or something?? That’s it.. Again, thank you 4 thousand people for liking my content and sometimes talking to me. I appreciate it and it makes me feel special, even if you didn’t intend to when you started following me.. Okay bye

So, I hit 2k followers (whoop) and so I felt like I should make my first Follow Forever, because I love y'all a lot! And I love everyone I follow! So thank you for making my dash awesome and my tumblr experience better. Love you, flawless unicorns ♥ If I forgot someone, I’m terribly sorry! Also these must be about 300 blogs or something.

# 220211

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itsyaylortork  asked:

taylor york.. DUH

dude duh

celebrity: don’t know them | nah | okay | like them | love them | asdfghjkl

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Send me the name of your favorite celebrity for a blog rate like this

itsyaylortork  asked:

Paramore, duh! (congrats on 3.4k followers!)

Ahh, isnt that insane? Thank you!!

Do i listen to them: no /  sometimes / yes / Oh no, what is this band you call paramore. :o

Do i own any of their albums: yes / no/

Have i seen them live: yes / no

Do i want to see them live: yes!!!!!!!!! / no

favourite song: Thats not even a possible question. But maybe, Playing God, Now, Let the Flames begin, Fast in my car. BUT they have SOOO many good songs, and demos. my god, its almost impossible with that band. how dare they?!

favourite album:  I really, really, REALLY enjoyed the self titled, but Ive been listening to Brand New Eyes a lot recently.  So its between those two.

itsyaylortork  asked:

Taylor York c:

Thank you so much, you’re lovely ♥

celebrity: don’t know them | nah | okay | like them | love them | asdfghjkl

url: don’t get it | not bad | nice | good job |love it omg | who did you kill

theme: not my type | ehh | decent | I like it | pretty amazing | I’m stealing it

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coming to this community a year ago was probably one of the best decisions of my life. i met some incredibly talented people and some great friends who i have the pleasure of talking to daily. here’s a post dedicated to all those amazing bloggers who make my dash shine with amazing posts and creations. i hope 2016 is going well for everyone and thank you for 4000 flawless followers!

@220211 // @22isliketheworstidea // @aintitprmr // @aliyasexception // @allwaysparamoree // @ancklebitter // @anenemyssong // @blameitonparamore // @brandneweyed // @cutmeuphayley // @dailymelaniegifs // @daspanthertier // @duopmore // @enemysong // @escaperooute // @fairyxlocal // @flfteen // @freakforparamore182 // @fxxkyeahparamore // @gay4tayloryork // @halfalivedreamer // @halseypmore // @halseysedit // @halseysource // @havenoplansforme // @hayley-and-amy // @hayleyfromparamore // @hayleyismyqueen // @hayleyofparamore // @hayleyperfectwilliams // @hayleys-hair-blog // @hayleyshair // @hayleywiliamsdaily // @hayleywilliamsupdated // @hayleywilliasm // @hayleywpictures // @hellofedericoworld // @hlbags321 // @hwilliams-tyork-paramore // @i-m-not-one-of-those-crazy-girls // @iamrockqueen // @icaughtparamore // @im-a-paramonster // @im-going-away-for-a-while // @imintoparamore // @istillloveparamore // @its-justt-a-spark // @itsallparamore // @itsjustasparks // @itsyaylortork // @jeremyclavis // @jeremydavisbroficial // @jeremydavisdaily // @jeremydavisfuckyeah // @lesbian4hayley // @let-s-be-freaks // @littletayloryorkthings // @melaniermartinez // @melmartincz // @memoryfades // @miserydesigns // @misguidedgghostss // @misguidedgho5t // @missyelyahwilliams // @morepmore // @movingflames // @musicparamore // @mylittledecoy-paramore // @mylittleriot // @native-route // @newromantis // @nonotthistime // @not-perfect-working-on-it // @notangrypmore // @ohmyhay // @ohmyhayleywilliams // @ohpmore // @ohtyork // @onedimore // @paintparamore // @para-moor // @paracism // @paracredible // @paradaydreaming // @parahoys // @paramajestic // @paramass // @paramore // @paramore-andmore // @paramore-dork // @paramore-paramour // @paramore100 // @paramoreaddict // @paramoreandfood // @paramoreedaily // @paramoreexperience // @paramorehu // @paramoreintl // @paramoreisjermhaytay // @paramorekwt // @paramoreserbia // @paramoresongs // @paramorester // @paramorestrongunit // @paramoreupdates // @paramorgasm // @paramourning // @paramowre // @parapilotss // @parapizzamore // @parareflection // @parascots // @paraversa // @pmorefamily // @pmorenetwork // @pointparamore // @pparamoree // @pvrisparamore // @radhayleywilliams // @radparamore // @readingparamore // @rennnegade // @self-titled-art // @self-titled-noise // @shad0winthenight // @sirxusblack // @sittinginsilence // @smolparamore // @snaily-williams // @spongebob-williams // @still-into-paramore // @suarezalex // @sxlftitledriot // @syrupyysweet // @tay-york // @tayleyshipper // @taylor-york // @taylorfastinmycar // @taylorisapuppy // @taylorsbeard // @tayloryorkcrew // @tayloyork // @team-hayley // @that-what-you-get // @thatyelyahgirl // @the-only-exception-is-paramore // @the-prettyexception // @theonlyproofisparamore // @theparamorebox // @thoseopeneyes // @throwingpunches // @tiameatsix // @twentyonedaydreamers // @underdog-13 // @viciousloveforhayley // @warpedbyparamore // @warpedtourhayley // @we–are–paramore // @we-are-pearamore // @weknowbrandnewselfriot // @welovebutterfingle // @wertheonex // @xpmore // @yahparamoreyel // @yeelyahwilliams // @yelyahalsey // @yelyahwilliams // @yorkphobia // @yourfavoriterecords

hello! my blog is turning one soon and i recently hit 3k followers (whoa!!) so i decided to make a follow forever:)

first of all i’d love to thank these people (hover for a mssg): Agata, Ala, Asia, Anja, Matthew, Martyna for being just fab and awesome ily very much

and now here are blogs that i love, these people are hella rad and i think that you should follow them!!!!

# 220211

ABC adorehayley aintithayley aintitprmr aintitstill alphamore ayloryork blondehayley boparamore brighters conspiraccy cutiewilliams 

DEF dailydoseofparamore derpyhayley elsqparamore enemysongs escaperooute essence-of-paramore evelinathoren falloutparamore fastinmycar feelngsorry findmeglory flamesbeginn forgottentaste fuckyeahwhak fueledbyparamore  

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JKL jeremyclavis jeremydvs l-a-s-t-h-o-p-e lastriotgearon leplayingod lesbian4hayley lostuntil 

MNO memoryfades miserydesigns mourningslide native-route nklebiters nobodycansee nonotthistime officialjoetrohman ohhwilliams ohmyhay ohmyhayleywilliams ohparamoreyeah ohyorks omgisparamore only-parawhores onlyork onlyparamorex 

PQR p-aramoreiscrucial paintparamore par-amore paracredible paralovemore paraloving paramophy paramoreandfood paramorearelife paramoreclique paramoreeh paramoreisoureverything paramoresdaily paramoured playingsgod rareparamore 

STU saintwilliams shad0winthenight sittinginsilence taylor-york taylorisapuppy taylorsyorks team-hayley the-only-proof thefirehaired theparamores theparamoreset thesaltinmywounds twentyoneparamore 

VWXYZ warpedbyparamore weareparamore wintthewar work-it-out yeah-paramore yellyahwilliams yelyahprmr yorkphobia


i am really sorry i can’t do edits but there’s a picture of lil me so i hope that makes up for it

i’ve been meaning to make this for a while, i kinda missed my blog’s half birthday by like 1 month 16 days (oops) and i can’t be bothered to wait until i hit 1k so yeah

thank you to anyone i follow/who follows me for giving me a really nice experience on here; of the 10ish blogs i’ve made over time (oops(again)) this is by far my favourite, mainly because the people in this family are so nice and cool like ily guys

onto the follow forever part, these are some blogs i love, theres a lot and this isn’t even all of them omg

thank you again

4nklebiting aintitfunlisteningtoparamore allwaysparamoree anklebiterslasthope blameitonparamore boycott-detox-retox brickbyparamorebrick callingforrevolution cleffairie crawlingindark crazy-parawhores cutieyork daspanthertier dailydoseofparamore enemysong escaperooute essence-of-paramore evelinathoren fallouthayley feelngsorry findmeglory flamesbeginn folieajerm fueledbyprmr gerardwayjacketslut getsalongsosweetly halfbetrayed havetogrowup hayllelujahs hayleyismyonlyexception hayleywilliasm hayleywllliams hayleywonline hayleyxcx hesitantalien iheartyelyahwilliams imintoyork imnotoneofthosecraazygirls imwinningthewar imwritingthefuture itsyaylortork jeremydvs justsawingbackandforth just-wanna-fuck-this-burrito kanklebiters laheyelyah lastriotgearon let-em-rise letsbeparamore lost-parawhore misguidedgho5t mourningslide mylittleriot nakedpurereal nklebiters ofhayley ohmyhay ohtyork ohyorks onlyork onlyparamorex only-parawhores paintparamore paradaydreaming paralovemore paramophy paramore-is-a-band paramore-is-a-family paramore-is-big paramore-yall paramorearelife paramoreeh paramoreclique paramoreinblood paramoreisjermhaytay paramorepilots paramoreunite paramoreworshiper paramorgasm paramorre paramorreo pararmy parasome parawhoresgifs parayelyah parayork phanteserss piercetheemo piramore place-to-die pmoremyheart prmrr pxmore radwilliams sluttylukehemmings stillintotaylor stuckondavis stumpity sweetncthings t4yloryork taylorisapuppy thebusinessofmiseryy thefirehaired theparamores thoughts-i-cant-decode topramens walkingwithmisguidedghosts warpedbyparamore writingourfuture yehellyahwilliams yelyahfuck yorkphobia yorkscurls youregonnabetheonlyoneyouvegot 

i’ve just realised how ridiculously long this is i’m so dumb sorry i’m gonna go

thank you thank you thank you


So today i just reached 500 followers!!! I never thought i would make it this far. Thank you all so much! 
    So i decided to give a little shout out to my favourite blogs i follow! (This was inspired by @inthemovrnings follower shout out) (Which i was featured in yayy)  



































@inthemovrnings (<3)













































There they are! i took me quite a while to write these down(like the whole evening)
I’ll re-check to make sure!


@pmorestan (how could i forget omg ilysm)

Hello! So I just hit 2.5k followers which is amazing, like why are y'all following me that makes no sense haha. So here are the people that make my dashboard so awesome! I’m sorry if i forgot some of you but you can still check out my blogroll! My favorite blogs are bolded, but you should follow all this lovely people!




a-ginger-named-jordan aintitprmr alexgaskarths-dimples ankl3biters amitriptylies aogari caitielfirecracker castielsoldier


deadallisonargent devilpuki dvlanspray elsqparamore enemysong escaperooute evelinathoren falloutbop fuckyeahchayley


halfbetrayed haylesbian hayleyshair hayleyweeny hey-paramore hoparamore hotformeh htadojeremy ignorance-is-our-new-bestfriend iminthebusinessofmisery imintoparamore imissthemiserybusiness imwinningthewar itsyaylortork


jeremyclavis joshudn lasthopes lau–ra-paramore lindslaaay lovelypilots


memoryfades miserydesigns misguidedalpha misguidedgho5t misguidedsoph myeldest octoberqueen ohmyhayleywilliams ohstarr onesfortheroad onlyork onlyparamorex


paintparamore paracredible paradaydreaming parahotties paralol paramophy paramoredogs paramoreclique paramore-more-kristen paramoremusiccom paramorons paraspark planning-an-escape-route prettyparamore riotyourself rouen 


sammyroenfeldt skeletonsclique strategichomelanddivision taylorbenjamins taylorisapuppy that-stupid-sonic-sound theguysofparamore the-only-proof theparamorebox thesaltinmywounds tiameatsix twentyoneparamore underdog-13 url-coming-soon 


verayley warpedbyparamore wearreunbroken whatsupunk work-it-out


yeah-paramore youshouldstahp

Hey guys! I hit an incredible number of followers and I think that this is a great time to do my first Follow Forever. I’m so happy with all of you guys that help me everyday to keep this blog about our role model. She deserves it and I’m so happy that I have you by my side. Here I’ll put the blogs that I love the most and the ones that always help me, reblogging my posts etc. Thank you so much for all the love!

  • A - C

amooparamore, alohayall, asluckyasus, awnhayles, allwaysparamoree, aliveparamore, alionwithnodebts, alittlehayleywilliams, aintitprmr, annley, abbwee, bewareofparamore, bianca-riot, brickbyparamorebrick, burnourhouses, bestofparamore, beware-of-you–boybrandneweyedclassywilliams, conspiraccy

  • D - F

driving-to-the-stars, donttwish, escaperooute, ervo1973, enemysong, essence-of-paramore, fuckyeahhayleywilliams, fueledbyrain, fueledbyparamore, falloutparamore, forparawhores, fotosparamore, fuckyeahchayley, fuckyeahparamore

  • G - I

gifsforparamore, gayleywillliams, givemeyelyahwilliams, hayleywilliamsgifs, hayleywiliamsdaily, hayleyfromparamore, hey-paramore, hayleyfashion, hayley-williams, hayleywilliamsedits, hayleywilliamsmore, heyweareparamore, helluyelyah, hello-cold–w0rlditsparamoore, itsyaylortork, itsourparamour, im-a-paramonster, istillloveparamore, isparamore, itsparamoreyall, itstyork, ikilleddoctorleekie

  • J - L

jeremyley, juuhprmr, jeremyclavis, justhayleywilliams, ksmith56, keeplovingparamore, kristen-more-hayley, kris-pattinson-paramore, kamalhayley, lasthopes, letsbeparamore, lastthope, lordtbyork, lost-parawhore, loveforwilliams, liveforhayleywilliams, lostinparamore, likeparamore, let-s-be-freaks, letsmakelastforeveritneverends

  • M - O

monste-r, miserydesigns, movingflames, mourningslide, moreparamoreplease, morepmore, missyelyahwilliams, missserybusiness, madepmore, musicaparamore, nativeroute, nklebiters, omghayley, omg-paramore, omgparamoregifs, only-parawhores, ohmyhayleywilliams, ohmyhay, ohhwilliams, ohstarr, ohparamoreyeah, oneofthosecrazyparamorefans, onlyparamorex, onlyproof, onedimore

  • P - R

paramoregifs, paramorehw, paramore-more-kristen, paramoreupdates, paintparamore, paramoregifsandmore, prettyparamore, paramorw, paramorebrasiloficial, paramore-edits, partwechoosetoactonrad-paramore, rareparamore, riotyourself, radwilliams, riotsgear, riot-p-a-r-a-m-o-r-e

  • S - U

sittinginsilence, saintwilliams, samyung, solettheflames, sexy-hayley, theparamores, theparamoreworld, theparamoreband, thesoundofanenemyssong, thecreamsiclefox, thefirehaired, taylorisapuppy, tell-me-its-okey, team-hayley, unbroken-mcdlove, ukparamore, unendingtragedy, usparamore

  • V - Z

versosparamore, verayley, versos-paramore, welovewilliams, weareparamore, warpedbyparamore, we-have-an-emergency, work-it-out, weliveparamore, weareparamoreforever, wasfueledbyparamore, world-paramore, womanwithnofear, williamshay, williams-hayley, yorkphobia, yorkconda, yeah-paramore​, yeelyahwilliams, yellyahwillliams, yelyalwilliams, yay-pramore, youllgetaway-eventually, youvestartedariotinme, your-are-my-last-hope

Especial thanks to:

P.S.: If I forgot someone, I’m so sorry! It’s a lot of people.


Okay guys WOW! I finally reached 2K and to celebrate I’m doing my first follow forever! Thank you guys SO MUCH, you all mean the world to me!!



































































These are the people that make my dashboard awesome, and if you’re not following them you should! Right now!! (and I’m SO SORRY if I missed anyone!)

(Those who are bolded I’ve met in person, and therefore can confirm their awesomeness)