itsy bitsy

I drew this for my best friend @alibaeba but this goes out to all my trans / non-binary followers; 

If Sinbad can rock an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini without a care in the fucking world so can you.

Progress shots below the cut:

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$ (itsy-bitsy-sniper)

[Txt] : Got any plans tonight, love?

[Txt] : I don’t but you suddenly became one

[Txt] : Oh my! Wrong number, love! Sorry widow!


merry christmas pt.2!!!

still not christmas, but a lot of ppl have been asking for some more characters (specifically napstablook) and here i am to deliver!!!

feel free to use so long as credit is given!! c:

and here’s a link to my first icon set, also!!! <3

Itsy Bitsy || Allydia

Pushing back from her desk with a sigh, Allison arched her back and felt a few pops as muscles and tendons stretched.  Paperwork never got more fun, no matter how many years she’d been doing it for.  And with Lydia as stressed as she had been over the past few days, the tension just seemed to be building in the suite.  But the idea of swimming was a good one.  Getting out of the suite, away from the need to do anything but float - hopefully it might help ease some of the other things that were happening.  Standing up, she found her way over to the dresser and dug out the bikini in question, lying it on the bed.

As she waited for Lydia to join her, she laid down herself and watched her wife.  The way she carried her shoulders, the little lines on her forehead - there was no missing the stress.  And while Allison would do all that she could to make it go away, some of those stresses weren’t so easy to get rid of.  All the same, she’d try.  That was her job.

Malia Inspired Halloween Outfit by veterization featuring black skinny jeans

Vivienne Tam cardigan, $155 / Exclusive for Intermix crop tank / Topshop black skinny jeans / Steve Madden lace up booties / Velvet purse / Itsy Bitsy earrings
Made with Polyvore
Derek Inspired Affordable Outfit with a Crop Top by veterization featuring white tops

Full Tilt white top / Forever 21 white moto jacket, $35 / American Eagle Outfitters super skinny super low jeans / Soda zipper combat boots / Banana Republic blue tote / Itsy bitsy jewelry / Zara black ribbed beanie / Korres lip care, $12
Made with Polyvore