benji is on the hunt for the new kid. as far as he can remember, hawkins doesn’t get new folk all that often — maybe a few every couple years — so he figures getting to know the new arrival could be fun. from across the hallway, he spies a starkly unfamiliar head of dark hair; that’s gotta be her, right? hey! he calls out. a few other faces turns at his vague call, notice which direction he’s heading, then turn back away. he’s not sure how to get her attention, but he hopes it’s not too blunt when he goes, “new girl! his grin is wide as he rests his massive video camera against his shoulder, looking at her through the lens. hi there! i’m benji, he introduces, one hand letting go of the camera for a moment to give her a wave. pleasure to meet you, and all that. how’re you liking your first day at our illustrious school? there’s a hint of sarcasm in the adjective, but it’s barely detected under his smile.