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kirisaki daichi during class headcanons?

Hanamiya Makoto

  • doesn’t bother actually working
  • usually finishes most of the classwork in half the time he’s supposed to take
  • messes around
  • creates problems
  • he’s just a childish boy with too much energy

Yamazaki Hiroshi

  • works hard
  • every once in a while gets in a fight
  • tries desperately to stay out of fights but someone was getting on his case majorly
  • teachers generally aren’t too great with him
  • but one or two teachers don’t stereotype him as a bad boy
  • and he works really really hard to please them

Furuhashi Kojiro

  • does work silently and proudly in the back of the class
  • teacher is too scared to move him to the front
  • if he feels like something is useless to do
  • he won’t do it
  • has knife 24/7 in lessons as well

Hara Kazuya

  • flirt flirt flirt
  • chatter chatter chatter
  • that annoying student all teachers hate because he does no work and distracts everyone else 
  • makes lots of, often vulgar, jokes
  • what is this “notes” you speak of?

Seto Kentaro

  • an excellent student
  • works hard, head down
  • makes the most beautiful aesthetic simplified but highly informative notes
  • teachers love him
  • expect… when he’s sleeping
  • if the work gets to easy, he stops bothering

Matsumoto Itsuki

  • makes sure to do all the work well
  • tries to avoid other people as he works
  • especially the basketball team
  • generally works alone
  • and hates being in a group

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being kirisaki daichi's basketball manager headcanons?

  • okay so 
  • firstly
  • hara is probs the one that the manager is closest to
  • he warmed up quickly 
  • says loads of pick up lines all the time 
  • flirts wayyyy to much than is healthy
  • tends to hang around the with the manager more than the others as well
  • furu is …
  • well he’s not the kindest
  • doesn’t talk to them a lot 
  • very quick to say they’ve done something wrong
  • but i mean
  • if the manager stays away, furu won’t go out to bother them
  • zaki is kinda cute with the manager
  • he’s super awkward around them
  • probs has a little crush as well
  • tries to look after them
  • and supports them whenever he can
  • so like carries their stuff and things like that
  • matsumoto is pretty much as close with them as he is with the team
  • aka not very much
  • polite to the manager but doesn’t want to hang around them
  • seto is like an older brother
  • keeps an eye on them
  • makes sure no one’s bothering them
  • also uses them as a pillow
  • pretty chill around them
  • probs as close with the manager as hanamiya is
  • speaking of hanamiya
  • he spends a lot of time with them
  • tends to annoy them
  • since he’s coach though
  • discusses strategies
  • it’s an okay relationship
  • all in all
  • manager gets along with them 
  • but varied degrees of “getting along”

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One song per boy please! What do they listen to??

Hanamiya Makoto - Johnny Ringo (Crown the Empire)

Hara Kazuya - Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down (Fall out Boy)

Seto Kentaro - Sail (Awolnation) 

Yamazaki Hiroshi - Bleeding Out (Imagine Dragons)

Matsumoto Itsuki - Battleships (Daughtry)

Furuhashi Kojiro - Killing Me Softly (Roberta Flack) he reads ks

(didn’t know if you wanted him or not but here you go anyway) 

Haizaki Shougo - Don’t Trust Me (3OH!3) 

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Please give Victor love that's all I ask. I just want to hug him and not see him be harmed by SOME PEOPLE. - Lacie

So at first I was going to have a 5-6 panel response featuring Viktor-sensei drawn all nicely (full body, nice shading, sparkles, etc.) hugging the asker and then thinking to himself about how thirsty he is…nope, nope, nope, can’t get the creepy subtext out of my head. Er, so I derped a response out with Touru and Hideki. I was also too lazy to do a proper background. :DD Fanfiction is the ultimate form of love, right? …Right? 

P.S. Viktor is sin.

Watch on

So for everyone who missed it, TBS (but especially Len) was featured on a TV show called “生き物にサンキュー” (Thanks to our Animals!”). It tells the story of how Len found Kotetsu and nursed him (in a great dramatization by Len, who reinacted it for us at an instore yesterday! haha). It’s really cute and really funny so you should definitely take a look! The whole band is featured in a short segment. Enjoy! (○´ω`○)ノ

(Video link courtesy of the ever-amazing dead-thecreator )

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