To be frank, I started shipping them since jay-song posted fanart of them in the same post………….. I’m a shallow person, I realize D’: I know Oliver’s supposed to be straight but it’s said in his bio that he’s never explored the other side of the fence so??? My shipper mind made the leap for him idek i’m so tired from work but I don’t care it’s like I’m high or something ahahahahahahaha

Something like a continuation of Itsubun’s mini comic here:

Oliver c) sableaire

Lucy c) Itsubun

Have some half-assed fanart you two awesome creators of two awesome characters. You deserve better but I can’t anymore

itsubun  asked:

I am Joe, just some dude on the internet! My favorite color is orange and hello I do love the Yosuke/Souji ship and I think I probably have A Problem. ;w; My favorite ice cream is vanilla and I have two cats!! Only one is "mine" but there are two cats in my house. They are called Toluca and Leia. :>

Yaa! Pleased to meet you, Joe~

Orange is a good color, it's feisty.  I also like how you ordered the names in that ship.  ;>…… (And it’s cool, I totally have A Problem too.)

Vanilla’s good!  I myself am especially fond of French vanilla. I also have two cats, but yours are named much more creatively.