itsty bitsy

Gniiiih >.< I’ve been hugged by the lovely @notsoobviousfangirl​! Thank you, I really needed it <3

I’ll tag another 15 people, hoping to make your day a little better if you need it! If you’re tagged, please, keep it going!

I’m hugging @ursulaismymiddlename​, @mosdrabblebabbles​, @itsty-bitsy-spider​, @buckyspicelatte, @onyourleftbooob, @winterwriter, @angel-demonqueen-hunter-assassin, @pietroimagines, @stebierogers, @writingfortheavengers, @the-never-ending-drums, @steve-it-hurt-a-little-rogers, @sccttymccall, @imagine-assembling-the-avengers and @love-buckybarnes!

And, of course, a big hug to @notsoobviousfangirl <3

Argh! No, Voldy, not you!

Ah, better!

When you get his, write 3 things your followers probably don’t know about you and then tag 10 people.

1. At one point in the not too distant past I didn’t really care for Natasha Romanoff (or super heroes in general)

2. I love lifetime movies

3. I’m sleepy rn

Ill tag @thebubblyterror @metalshogun @itsty-bitsy-spider @ratqueenbee and…everyone else

EDIT: I was tagged by @jibbs-or-gibbs lol sorry