anonymous asked:

Favourite people/blogs here on tumblr? :)

Well, because lately, Jenny is an example of extremely lazy person, I’m going to answer messages once again, so, this goes only for me - Mischa.
My favorite people (and also their blogs) are definitely Amber, Valentina and Maryam. I’m also pretty fond of Jenny who runs this blog with me (:D).
As for blogs which are my favorite, but I’m not friends with the people who run them, I visit mcmorgans a lot, then also hobriengasm (until recently colingasm), photoshootshq, bookfessions, blackmoods and omfgbooks.

itstheevilwitch said: lol says the one who stops watching tv if the remote is not near her :D and with her i mean me!:D yes look at your life least on of us can make those:c

lol I don’t even watch tv anymore so I think the battle of which one of us is lazier is still on. :D

yeah well
life choices are overrated
you screw up anyway. :D
except that you can’t blame anyone but yourself then :D

claryfraysss asked:

hi how are you? i wanted to ask you if i can use one of your new katie gifs as my sidebar? i credit you of course, she's so adorable with glasses :3

Ahaha of course you can! :) Thanks for asking! And she is quite adorable <33