A lot of people have been getting on Wiz Khalifa for being so open about his relationship with Amber Rose but what is the real issue here? Oh wow, he’s actually claiming his girlfriend in front of the whole world; what a damn tragedy. Men are saying that he’s sprung or just plain doing too much but personally, I think it’s great.

Of course, I’m a girl and we like that kind of shit but everybody should be commending him for doing all this. In a society where men downplay the importance of a woman’s role in their lives, it’s refreshing to see a guy be genuinely excited to be with his significant other. Men could learn a thing or two from this guy.

As for the “Amber is Kanye’s leftovers; he shouldn’t be flaunting her around like that” speech…please spare the fuck outta me with that! Everybody is someone’s ex; the shit is inevitable. Wiz just so happened to fall for one of the greatest producers of all time’s ex. Stranger shit has happened. I kinda think that people fail to remember how sprung ‘Ye was off Amber throughout their courtship. Hell, maybe she has a magic pum-pum that is getting rave reviews. She was in a relationship that was highly publicized and the same is happening now; Only now, Amber seems more like herself. I think that Kanye’s aim was to upgrade her in the process of getting the love and affection he was looking for while Wiz’s aim is to let her be herself and love her accordingly.

All in all, Wiz is having his Tom Cruise jumping on the couch moment right now and we should stop ragging him for basking in the afterglow of love. Hell, at least somebody out there is happy and in love. I hear the couple is engaged and if this is true, I wish them the best.

To all the men out there who are giving Wiz such a hard time about being open about his affinity for Miss Rose, you could learn a thing or two from him. While you’re hassling him on his shit, he’s seemingly satisfied about his situation but YOUR girl is side-eyeing the shit out of your ass because you haven’t paid her the proper amount of attention and in about two seconds, you’ll be alone and wondering why. I mean, what if women went around not claiming their man? I can hear it now:

Woman #1: Hey girl, I heard you was datin’ Darryl now.

Woman #2: Girl, what now? I don’t even know that boy. I sure do wish people would stop lyin’ on me and mine!

Now, if this went down and the boyfriend in question caught wind of this, we all know that ALL hell would break loose but this would lowkey be accepted to the public. Stop the bullshit and let Wiz live.


Big Sean has been synonymous with fashion line TI$A since the beginning of his career, so it was only right that the Detroit rapper partake in the design of a new product. In his latest “Weekend Recap” video posted on YouTube today, Big Sean showed off a prototype for his line of snapbacks. They will only feature Detroit teams and should be available for purchase by the beginning of summer.

I’m looking forward to seeing what that Red Wings is hittin’ for! Stay tuned as I’ll have details available to you as they surface.

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This really is like beating a dead horse but once I heard that “A Madea Christmas” was set for production, I had to really sit and think things over. Tyler Perry made it; yes, we all know of him being homeless and whatnot before gaining fame on the gospel play circuit off Madea, the pistol whipping, no-nonsense grandmother who references the Bible but refuses to associate herself with the church because ALL of her family members do that enough for her.

I understand that as black people, we should embrace filmmakers who look like us because it’s hard enough for us to get movies made, television shows produced, and actos/actresses important roles. I get that, I do, but I feel like integrity is being sacrificed for the sake of seeing ourselves on the big screen.

The best thing about this Tyler Perry success story is that he’s got his own studio, meaning he can put other artists of color on. The way I see it, the black community needs more of “our own” (I really hate using that) behind the scenes: in studios where film are greenlighted and we need more writers and directors.

A broader range of vision should be employed in black filmmaking. I feel like I know of more Madea projects than I can keep track of yet I hardly know of anything else black directors/writers are doing. I KNOW there are so many people of color out there making films and such because I’ve come across a few, thanks to the wonderful world of social networking, and their projects seem profound.

People like Tyler Perry have the power to put such radical projects that could blow our community away yet at the same time put out fun movies that balances out the seriousness. I think my generation and those younger than me are either accepting what Hollywood is feeding us because they don’t know any better or are fighting hard to bring back the days when people looked forward to films produced, written, and directed by our community because we have such a variety of stories to tell.

New stories aren’t being told because studios are settling for reruns for the sake of knowing it’ll be accepted. And of course the black people who speak out about this and say “hey I don’t like those Madea movies because I don’t think that is an accurate depiction of what I feel my people are about” get looked at funny and are accused of “taking themselves too seriously”. 

They’re right, though. My grandmother was ratchet but she was nothing like Madea. I don’t know of any family members that act like her. If anything, the supporting characters in the movies are more accurate than she is but Madea’s what gets people in the door. I guess that’s the marketing strategy and that’ll be what people use as an excuse, but I feel like there is some subject matter that is being left out when it comes to filmmaking.

Where are the movies about young black women in college trying to make a name for ourselves? Where’s our “The Devil Wears Prada”? I want a “What Happens in Vegas”, negro-style. I know we should strive to be different but we don’t have a different stock of problems because of our color.

We have additional trials because of our ethnicity but as a human race, we all face the same trials and tribulations. Our movies don’t always have to be loud and ratchet. Madea’s first movie and every movie since has sold us the same cup of Kool-Aid every time. It’s time for a fresh batch, people.

You Don't Know Me (feat. Regina Spektor)
  • You Don't Know Me (feat. Regina Spektor)
  • Ben Folds
  • Way to Normal


I’m on my alternative kick today, guys. I’ve been a Ben Folds fan since “Brick” back in the ‘90s (thanks to MTV) and this is one of those songs that constantly plays on my co-worker’s iPod and I knew the voice but I could never place it until now. Here’s “You Don’t Know Me” featuring the awesome Regina Spektor off 2008’s Way to Normal LP.

Get out there and discover some new music!



It’s that time of year again; Aaliyah would have been 32 today and my eyes are welling as I see everyone reblogging pictures and video clips of her. I’m such a freakin’ baby but I loved this girl like a sister though I never knew her. It’s crazy to think that this year marks ten since she’s been gone. Whew. Welp, here is probably my favorite song by her “The One I Gave My Heart To”.

I always wanted those white windbreakers she wore in the rain; she made them look so fly! Happy birthday babygirl =)

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The video has finally arrived in its final cut glory for all to view. I never bothered to watch the rough cut because…it was the rough cut. I knew this was going to be different and it definitely lived up to what I was expecting. Check it out!


I’ve always loved writing; it’s something I’ve had a knack for since I was young and it’s the only thing I enjoy with the same enthusiasm as I do music. I always wanted to write for Vibe or some other publication. However, after going through grade school as a bookworm, the prospect of becoming a journalism major is rather daunting which nipped my love for writing in the bud for a while.

Today, the media is more known for stirring up trouble and reporting false information than it is for credible information. I refuse to become a part of that movement, so I decided to create my own.

Aberrant Magazine will be a place where I can speak freely on the happenings of the music industry - as I do on itstheCOOL currently - as well as profiling great independent or undiscovered talent and those who are on the rise in fashion and other arenas I see fit to showcase.

That’s the beauty of Aberrant; it’s whatever I want it to be and I don’t have to be subject to write about miscellaneous news that may confuse people or just have nothing to do with my vision of this is. I’m tired of seeing magazines and their websites endorsing these troubled celebrities and such by joining in on the jokes and all that.

I’m not for tearing down celebrities and becoming just another writer out here. I just want to help educate my readers about how the music industry works, so that they’re not so quick to take things at face value and showcase some true talent who deserves some love - be it undiscovered, independent, or mainstream artists.

As for this tumblr, the great news is when the magazine drops, this will officially become Aberrant’s site for various video and music clips, so you can hear and see our awesome featured artists in action!

I’m prepping you all for a takeover of massive proportions, so get ready and hey if this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, hit me at and let me know how you’d like to contribute.

I have a feeling I’ll need all the help I can get =)

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I’ve been covering all things FreeLoaders since December of ‘09 and I’ve always wanted to see Blue and Brown do their thing live. I was finally able to fulfill this during SXSW and had the bomb ass time I figured I would have at one of their shows.

As their band, helloeARThlive, set up, Blue gets on stage to feel out the crowd, which was chockfull of folks from their hometown of Dallas, then suddenly Brown appears on the bar and starts breakin’ it down. Hilarious. Blue starts us off with “The Deadly Intro” showing off his hip hop swag then Brown runs up on stage to finish out the song and the show goes from 0 to 60.

Going through their catalog including a couple songs from their forthcoming project, “Get A Life”, the SXSW audience is treated to a hip hop show unlike any they’d ever seen previously. As they performed, both George Young and Brian Blue (of UnkommonKolor fame) were spontaneously pulled onstage to perform (“Favorite” and “Cooler Than Coach K”, respectively). Dope shit, I love stuff like that! During their last song, “8587 (Birthday)” - which is my favorite song and I went IN as soon as the beat kicked up - Blue jumps off stage and gets hype with the people…and shoulder bumps me in the process. HARD. My glasses were crooked on my face but I was still goin’ in then me and Blue rock for a second as he helped me keep my balance. I’m little, so I will fly across the room if I’m bumped too hard. It was all love, though.

Our encore came in the form of fellow Dallas natives ADd+ jumping up onstage to perform “LikeAMug” and they got LOOSE. Ol’ boy’s heel got my left leg somethin’ serious and it still kinda aches…but I’m a G so I didn’t cry or anything like that. I’ve come a long way since my crybaby childhood.

When it was all said and done, the Sore Losers show became the highlight of my stay in Austin and I was appreciative of having the opportunity to support my guys in the flesh for once. They’ll be headed your way soon enough, so be on the lookout and get swagged out when they come around.

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Mechanical Dummy just posted the video for Chris Brown’s 12 Strands: Matrix project which was filmed last year and offered for viewing via a small fee, the proceeds going to a charity of Chris’ choice. Now, it’s available for all to view anytime! It’s dope; I love the concept and the acting (minimal as it was) wasn’t horrible. “Matrix”, the song Chris is performing throughout the clip, is an outtake that leaked online during the Exclusive era. I’ve always liked the song but this made me love it even more.


  • Motivation (Remix)
  • Kelly Rowland feat. Tripzy


It’s time for yet another track laced with Tripz’s lyrical prowess and this time, Kelly Rowland’s latest hit “Motivation” is the lucky candidate. I’m not a Kelly Rowland fan myself, so I never listened to the song before now but Tripz makes it bearable.

Take this as an alternative gift for Mother’s Day; from what I hear on this, Tripz could make ANY mother a happy one today. Enjoy!


Now, didn’t I JUST mention the OVO Fest earlier today? Karla of ATF must have known I was wondering about it because she just tweeted that the second annual OVO Fest will take place in Toronto on July 31st! No word on when tickets will go on sale but we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Anybody know of a bomb hotel in T-Dot? =)



The best thing about my job at Urban Outfitters is that I get exposed to music I’d never hear of otherwise: case in point, The Drums.

I just finally got their name while watching “My Life As Liz” last night as they played “The Future” and I had a Eureka moment. That voice is totally recognizable and the music hit me and I was like, “oh shit, I know who that is!”

I wanted to post something different on here so here’s one of my favorite songs by The Drums who hail from Brooklyn and released their self-titled album last year. They’re definitely worth checking out.

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Mechanical Dummy just posted a video of a snippet of “Up To You”, a single off Chris Brown’s upcoming album F.A.M.E., available March 22nd. Sounds like something epic is brewing. Stay tuned folks!