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Hi there! I'm writing an essay on Supernatural for one of my classes and I was wondering if you are familiar with any critical essays about SPN -- reliable sources that can be used in a research paper. I've done hours of searching but I'm stuck with a whole bunch of fan-created writing. It would help me so much if you could kindly lend a hand! (could you answer this privately so it will appear in my inbox? THANKS SO MUCH! <3)

Man, I am so terribly sorry this took so long.

So I don’t really know any off the top of my head, but I did a little digging and I found a few.

It seems like this Journal of Transformative Works and Cultures has a bunch. You might also want to try Google Scholar. Alternatively, if any of our followers knows of anything, let us know!

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1/4 To appreciators of artwork (shout out to Sam for childlike "police sketches") -- I'm a second year art major in college& live in campus housing. To introduce myself/make friends early this semester, I made name-tags for floormates' doors. A couple weeks ago, two guys ripped a set of nametags off a door& one of them apologized days later. I was disappointed/angry but forgave bc he was drunk but I was emotionally drained (earlier that week someone stole my first college painting). - cont'd

Today someone else ripped one of my closer friend’s name tags in half. I am so furious that people can be so disrespectful/ irresponsible. He’s a senior& is supposed to be a role model on the floor& I can’t believe people do this. Not only does it hurt me, but it also hurts the person I made it for. Anyway, I feel the world is working against me so many ways this semester. Sure, I’ve made good friends, but it seems when I try to further my art-career or do what I love, it’s ruined. I’ve been heartbroken because of things I’ve made for other people. The least they can do is respect that, but it’s too hard. Why? It hasn’t even been a month&I’ve had my first college painting (a painting of my dog, the first painting I’ve ever been 100% proud of&supposed to be an anniversary gift for my parents) stolen from the studio (where students are SUPPOSED to keep their paintings/a safe place), drunk people ripped down 3 name tags&a senior ripped one of my favorites. and didn’t apologize. This is too much for me. I’m typically a very very happy person, but this just gets on my nerves and I often find myself crying when I see the name tags on people’s doors. And sometimes when I see dogs, which is my favorite animal. There are just these triggers that make me sad and upset and disappointed all at once. I don’t even know why I’m writing this but I’m just so upset…Thanks for listening.. sorry this is repetitive and lengthy.

I’m sorry that your first semester is being a challenge, but challenges can be beneficial. You’re learning that not all people can be trusted or friendly towards everyone. Not everyone is appreciative, but don’t let these people get to you. Yeah, they did tear up something you made for your friends, but they’re not your friends. What matters is that your friends liked them and kept them on their doors. Don’t focus on the bad people in this situation, if you do it’ll make you bitter and you don’t want to be bitter.  It’s great that you forgave one of the guys, that’s important but forgiving also means not dwelling on the situation anymore. Move on, make your friends some new name tags, and be happy.
Someone else must have really enjoyed your art piece if they have taken it. Or they may have taken it on accident and not realised it. I did this a few times when I had art in high school. One time I left my painting in a classroom and when I went to find it, it was gone. I worried all day because the painting was part of my competition. After all the stress I allowed myself to create, my friend found me after school and gave me the artwork. He saw that I left it in a classroom and he carried it around the entire day until he found me. So you never know, I think your painting will turn up somewhere, don’t freak out like I did and cause yourself so much stress. If you’re still worried about it, you can always paint a new painting. It won’t be the same but it’ll give you something to do. I hope you find your painting and have a nice day - Lucifer