i got tagged by @kawaiigaypony, thank you very much my beloved soul

name: evan

nickname (s): satan (its more actually a fact that im satan, it is no longer a nickname anymore. i mean im literally known as satan by most people)

gender: aporagender
star sign: aries
height: 1.60m
favourite colour(s): black and purple (preferably the dark/greyish purple)
time right now: 1.31 pm
average hours of sleep: 4,5/5
lucky number: 4 and to keep my reputation up i’ll say 666 as well
last thing I googled: probably something gay
number of blankets you sleep with: 1 (i’m always cold unless im in bed or on the bike)
favourite fictional character: n e w t
favourite book(s): i dont read books? but im going to read tmr and hp when i have money to buy the books
favourite band(s): exo, bts, acdc, 21 pilots etc.
dream job: to be an artist and just deserve enough money with drawing (because i know my actual dream job is too much out of my reach)
do you have any other blogs? nope
when did your blog reach its “peak” (when did you get more followers, had a popular post etc.)? not yet
who is your most active follower(s)? uhm.. i think @kawaiigaypony
what made you decide to have a tumblr? i find it hard to keep two instagram accounts up so i decided to make a tumblr for my art
do you get asks on a daily basis? no but i really hope it will happen one day tho
why did you choose you url? well.. i’m satan

i’m only going to tag @exposedwalls to pretend i have friends but i’m pretty sure you aren’t going to do it tho