Who kills the bugs?

Dare Bear <3 He always finds them first anyways.

Who hogs the sheets?

How could they? They sleep to close together. <3

Who bottoms/tops/dom/sub?

*cough* Daryl bottom *cough*

Who hates mornings?

Neither so Carl.

Who’s cranky before they had their coffee?

Daryl but its hella cute.

Who’s doesn’t like their mother in law?

none but…

Who drives ?

King Rick

Who gets horny in awkward public places 

Who had a scene phase? 

Um neither but just imagine…

Who wore braces 

Neither, they both have beautiful teeth.

Who got bullied. 

Who collects ceramic elephants.

Daryl, for Judy of course. They even have a ceramic elephant family.

(Sorry I’m crap at drawing)