Please make sure to reset default settings when installing the theme.


  • 4 optional links + home and message.
  • 245px width sidebar image or a 100x100px circle image.
  • you can change the blog title background width (and the color changes on hover).
  • 500 or 400px posts.
  • searchbox (optional).
  • possibility to change the sidebar, posts and “small” fonts and fonts sizes from the customization page (no need to edit the code).
  • colorized scrollbar & selection.

Please like if you use/like the theme. Thank you and Enjoy!

STATIC PREVIEW: 245px image / 100x100 px image + 400 px posts / with searchbox


psd ( #17 ) ▬ by lefues ;

this psd is a free creation of mine, plus it’s poc friendly ! it will not whitewash the beautiful natural color of the skin of the models in your graphic. you can change the layers as much as you prefer but do not claim it as yours. please, like or reblog this post if you’re about to download it. these small things are highly appreciated !  ▬ mediafire 」,  「 deviantart


018 - neko  ― theme

a theme clearly inspired by the game neko atsume


  • pop up links box which can hold custom links
  • personality, power lv, and visits text can be edited 
  • an extra box that pops up when you click extra
  • the box where the mementos from the cats can be edited
  • three options of post size small, medium, & large (it’s not a clear number)
  • more options when you look into the theme

here is the guide on how to customize the theme 

live preview / code

018.5 - neko links - links page


  • you can add as much links as you want though there’s only 20 slots for a different cat
  • that’s it really there’s almost no editing here

live preview / code

any questions regarding the theme can be answered on yoonora


theme 05: the shore

preview / code 1 [ask + plain tab] / code 2 [plain tabs] (tab versions)
preview / code (non-tab version)

a simple sidebar theme, i think it turned out really nicely. there are 3 versions - one is a regular theme, the other two have a tab system with 2 tabs (one code has a pre-made ask tab with 1 plain tab, the other has 2 plain tabs). there are also show captions/tags options.


- 400px/500px posts

- 200px sidebar image

- non-tab/tab versions

- optional: show captions, show tags, like/reblog buttons

- custom colours, selection, tooltips and scrollbar

notes: i would keep the description short, maybe 3 or 4 lines long. the sidebar image is 200x200px in size but any larger images will re-size accordingly. if you’re using the tab version with the pre-made ask tab -in order for the askbox to work you need to write your username in the “tumblr username” type field on the customize page. if you would like to add or remove tabs please follow the instructions in the code.

credits: all-in-one base code is by neonbikethemes, sidebar icon uses this flaticon vector, please do not save for your own use.

if you have any problems let me know, read the rules, and please like/reblog if using, thank you!!

for more themes go here.

ver 1.2 (edited 31st December 2015):

added features:

- extra links/tabs are optional (use toggle for link 1/tab 3/etc. to add/remove the link)

for a tutorial on how to customize the tabs, click the read more link below:

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False Promises by Chloe Themes
preview + full features | code


an instagram inspired theme with a plethora of display options. includes the new ‘related posts’ feature as well as lightboxes for all posts. made with photo-oriented blogs in mind.


  • for manual load to work both manual load and infinite scroll must be enabled
  • icon must be square. 150 x 150px or larger is recommended
  • font size must remain the same for theme to function properly
  • named after a poem by @afadthatlastsforever
  • video resizing | cycle plugin | colorbox plugin
  • please like or reblog if you consider using


a theme for any blog type by ciralism

[ live preview ] [ install ]

This theme was built to be versatile. The streamlined middlebar keeps the necessities easily accessible as the user scrolls, while keeping the focus on your content. Magazine is perfect for photo-based or writing-based blogs, and is easily customizable to fit your unique style.


  • middle bar
  • alternating posts
  • icon with 6 optional shapes
  • 3 or 6 custom links (optional drop down)
  • optional built-in updates tab
  • mock “post” with large sidebar image, title, and description
  • mock post info for subtitle and/or hit counter
  • 20+ color choices
  • option for pagination or infinite scroll
  • scroll-to-top button
  • hide/show captions
  • font options

This theme is dedicated to @studyplants for filling out my feedback survey!

As always, please be respectful of the time and energy I put into this theme. Do not steal/copy/touch the credit/use this or any of my themes as a base code. I do not answer customization questions, however I will do personal customizations for a fee. Enjoy the theme!

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Theme 26

Preview | Code

Some people requested a theme that matched the pages i just released so here you go :) 


  • Custom post width (200px-700px)
  • Custom sidebar image
  • Up to 6 custom links in left sidebar
  • Option to put description in right sidebar
  • Optional blogroll section in right sidebar (will only work on main blogs, not side blogs)
  • Option to hide captions or tags
  • A bunch of font choices and custom font size
  • Background image option and full size background image option
  • Supports all post types

Shout out to htmlheroes, tardisthemes, and polythemers