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  • Name: Allie
  • Birthday: September 17
  • Favorite color: black or maybe gold
  • Lucky number: Eh, not my thing. When I was little I had a beautiful teacher names Anastasia who was 23, so I thought being 23 would be the Best Thing Ever. It was OK.
Height: 5’4”
Talents: Wasting time, eating a lot of goodies, cookin’, whining.
Last dream you remember: My mind is blank. I don’t remember my dreams often.
  • Can you juggle: HAHA no.
  • Art/sports/both: Growing up, art. Now, I’m like thisclose to being ~athletic~
Do you like writing: Depends. I enjoy writing professionally but not really for fun.
  • Do you like dancing: Not in public.
  • Do you like singing: See above. Relatedly: pretty sure one of the saddest things of my mom’s life was when I quit choir when I was like 15. Oh mom, you sweet thing.


  • Dream vacation: Right in this moment, somewhere warm with cool water and booze and sand and a lot of food. But I wouldn’t say no to a yearlong trip around the world.
  • Dream guy/gal: My dumb husband.
  • Dream wedding: Already did that. We didn’t wear shoes, a baby pug was in attendance and we had a photobooth.
Dream pet: An English bulldog that is a puppy forever and doesn’t go to the bathroom.
Dream job: Professional Dog Snuggler.
Favorite song: I’m still waiting to get sick of “Fancy,” you guys.
  • Last song you heard on the radio: “In Da Club.” Not that mad about it.
  • Least favorite song: “Butterfly Kisses.” I’m sorry if you and your dad danced to that at your wedding, but my god, it’s the worst.
  • Least favorite album: Uhh.
  • Least favorite artist: I kind of hate Eminem.


  • Guys/girls/both: Dudes. 

  • Hair colour: Dark.
  • Eye color: All of ‘em.
  • Humorous/serious: Serious is the worst.
  • Taller/shorter: Taller. 
  • Biggest turn-off: Brattitude, smelly, making me feel dumb.
Biggest turn-on: Funny, good hair, plaid shirts.

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