Okay so basically, I’ve seen a lot Follow Forever posts lately and they’ve just made me think about who my favorite bloggers/blogs are and I stumbled upon these blogs when I first made mine and when I wrote the list, these all came to mind. Thank you to these people for being either great friends or lighting up my dash, you are all amazing and ily! CAPS are my favs! Without further or do, here they are !xx :) 

PERRIE URLS: perriesbabes, AMORPERRIE, edwardperrie, ITSPERRIELOUISE, PERRIEZS, blazingedwards, perriedswards, PERRIELOUISEED, strawperriepie,PERRIENCESS, planetperrie, HOLYPERRIE, edwardslouise, perrieemix, queensperrie, perrieholicc, fyeahlouiseedwards, edwads, GOTPERRIE (DUH SHE'S THE BOMB)
JADE URLS: CURLY-THIRLY, thirles, THIRLBABE, thirlweed, jadetitwall, JADESBUNNIES
JESY URLS: CUPOFNELSON, nelsonsensation, WOWJESY, partynelson, jesyed, stereonelson, FOREVERJESY, jesynelsons, gorgejesy, JESYBITCHES
LEIGH URLS: cosmicleigh, PINNCOCK, leighsnaps, pinnsaure
LITTLE MIX/OTHER URLS: ohmymixer, CHERMIX, lerriesistable, MIXER-PLANET, heylittlemix, OLLYMURS, dopemix, rythmixers, SOUHTSHIELDS, stereosoldier, queenmix, littlemixbitch, wittlemix, mixer-prince, JESYSJADES, PEZZA-THIRLWALL, LITTLEMIXMANIA, cannonwall, lerriekiss2011

GROUPS: little mix crowns, the mixer mafia, BLOGROLL

I’m almost sure I forgot something or someone cause when do I not forget something? Anyway, I’m sorry if I did!  Once again thank you to all these people and a special thank you to my groups, ily most .xx

Thanks for making my dash fabulous! You should follow all of them, they are all amazing ♡ ‏

littlemixmagic · itsperrielouise ·planetperrie ·lmixrs

omfgpinnock · edwardperrie · greathirlwall · thirls

cosmicthirlwall · perriejuana · perrieedvards · heylittlemix

cannonwall · perriesbabes ·partypinnock · j-thirlwalls

pinnockes · myperrie · perrieemix · pinnosaure

perrysmix · sweethirlwall · whisperies

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