itsparamshayall: comparamore

“In a world where there’s apparently lots of room for endless hordes of dull blokes copying each other’s style and sound, it’s a shame two very different, individually talented ladies apparently can’t co-exist in the same sub-genre. Such nonsense won’t bother Miss Jardine much though. She’s too busy getting on with the business at hand, kicking ass for We Are The In Crowd.” - Kerrang Magazine on Tay being Comparamore’d

Stop comparing every female fronted band to Paramore
  • i have come to rant.
  • Paramore: Most popular of female fronted alternative/pop punk bands. Lead singer Hayley is known for her orange hair. Paramore are my favorite band so this post isn't trying to put hate on Paramore, but I listen to other female fronted bands and they sound nothing like Paramore. so yeah
  • Tonight Alive: Everyone calls them the "Australian Paramore". Stop. Stop right there. Tonight Alive are so different from Paramore. Yeah sure, they're pop punk. Bands can be in the same genre, right? Right. Jenna and Hayley's voices sound nothing alike. Whakaio, Cam, Jake, and Matt aren't similar at all to Jeremy and Taylor. Some Tonight Alive songs are heavier than Paramore (Revenge & Its Thrills) and some are softer (Safe & Sound). Tonight Alive also have a lot more optimistic songs. Paramore are kinda known for having angry songs.
  • We Are The In Crowd: WATIC are definitely more pop than Paramore if we wanna bring genres into this. Genres don't really matter, but whatevs. Also, there are 2 lead vocalists. A female vocalist (WATIC singer, Tay Jardine) and a male vocalist (WATIC guitarist, Jordan Eckes). They create a dynamic in their lyrics and music that go back and forth between tay and jordan's point of view on the subject matter of the song. It let's you see both sides of the story (omg that's the name of one of their songs)
  • VersaEmerge: They're on the same record label as Paramore. So what? Last I checked, fun. sounds nothing like Gym Class Heroes and they're on FBR too, so why compare Paramore and Versa? Oh right cause Sierra is a girl. First off, I think VE are a lot more complex than Paramore. Sierra has a very different voice than Hayley. And they're a duo. Paramore is a trio. They also use synths in their music, I mean have you heard the Another Atmosphere preview songs? Sounds nothing like pop punk and nothing like Paramore.
  • Cherri Bomb: They're an all girl band not solely female fronted, but I've seen people compare them. People have called the main lead singer (they all sing) Julia, a "young hayley williams" Okay well Paramore are one of their idols but they're an all girl rock band. And look at them they're ages 14-16 and have toured with some legendary bands like Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters, Lostprophets, etc. They are very original especially for their young age. so yeah.
  • Hey Monday: they're more pop than paramore. also, they broke up and Cassadee's on The Voice so why are people still comparing them?
  • Icon For Hire: icon for hire are heavier, have darker lyrics, ariel's hair is purple. They also use synths and other cool stuff that paramore hasn't used (yet).
  • Flyleaf: they're heavier, have more screamo, darker lyrics, they've been around longer than paramore, they're older, they have a lot of christian lyrics. paramore are christian but they don't incorporate their faith into their music, flyleaf does.
  • I think I've made my point here.