Hey there. Thank you very much! <3

I started making gifs about a year or so ago and they sucked. I mean, they were bordering on painfully crappy and would make your eyes bleed after the first frame. I read about a bazillion tutorials and watched a bunch of videos on how certain stuff is done until i understood what the heck I was actually doing. Back then nobody was willing to help me out or tell me a few tricks.

Since I’m not them, I put a little something together for you. 

I’m using PS CS5.1 and KMPlayer.

KMPlayer for getting the caps, of course. I can’t help you with any other program you might be using, since I never figured those out. Been using KMPlayer from the get go.

If you have KMP here are your settings for capturing:

You really don’t need more than 20frames/sec. It’s enough to get a perfect gif, you might even have to delete a few frames afterwards, but it’ll still be okay. :)

Now let’s go to Photoshop.
I’m sure you want to sharpen your gifs. I’m always working with actions, because I don’t feel like clicking myself stupid. And I always sharpen my gifs BEFORE I color them. Try it reversed and you’ll see why. It’ll most likely look like shit. It’s easier to fit colors on a sharpened gif than vise versa.

So here are my SmartSharpen settings:

Now you go ahead and color your gif. Once you’re satisfied with it you go and save for web devices.

Here is what your settings should look like:
(click here for full size img)

As you can see with only those 12 frames there’s still enough room for more frames. But this is only a small gif (245px in width). The bigger your gif, the less frames you can add. And your coloring is important too, the more layers you add to it, the bigger the file size will end up with.

… i hope that helped a little. :) <3 have fun and ask ahead if you need to know more. :)


p.s.: a little info i just received: