I cant do this

Shattered into so many pieces

I’m not even sure I can be put back together

I’m a burden

On people, On life, On society

They’re right, All of them

Although I try as hard as I possibly can

It’s not good enough

I’m never good enough

I keep pushing myself, harder, and harder

I feel I’m climbing higher, and higher out of this darkness

and then snap-

you cut me short

and I tumble




Down to the bottom

Left to climb back up again

But now I’m wondering, Is any of it worth it?

I look at my reflection in a puddle of my sorrow

Why do you make me feel this way?

You don’t know me

If you did, you would never say any of it

As I sit here in this darkness

I see how I’m viewed, how I’m valued.

Do you know what you’re doing?

You’re piling the weight on even more

Making something already bad, even worse

and thats not even the beginning

Simply put: I’m tired.

Tired of all the criticism

Tired of the ritecuel

Tired of being a burden

Tired of judgement

I’m tired of being tired

I’m tired of feeling this way

I’m tired of everything

but most of all, I’m tired of a life where people are comfortable with telling others they’re useless

tired of a world where its okay to make someone feel bad about themselves

I’m tired of living somewhere where I have to see all the pain, misery, and sadness people endure just because of the way they feel about themselves

Once we all stop judging, once we all stop hating, and once we start putting others before ourselves

thats when we can all finally stop being tired, and wake up from this daze

thats when we can all finally continue climbing higher and higher

without worrying about the fall

thats when we can all finally feel alive

and for once in our lives, finally feel free