nineteen-and-beautiful asked:

Who do you think is more suited to be your successor? Near, or Mello?

I think I have stated many times before that neither is more “qualified” than the other. Both are brilliant heirs, despite how they acted during the Kira case.

In fact, I had wanted both Near and Mello to work together under my title, as their teamwork is far better than their individual abilities. However, it seems that will no longer be a possibility.


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This is one of the coolest and oldest book stores around. It’s The Book Shop in Providence, Massachusetts. The owner is 93 years young and still buys all the books and Nan keeps things going from day to day. She knows everything about books and can tell you most anything about every book they have in their shop. I stopped by last week and signed all my books they had in stock. So, if you get a chance to stop in and say hello, it’s a great store with the children’s picture book wall being in the same place it was in 1938. This is what books are all about. Love, Todd