Recently, several people have asked me if I am planning on donating my hair to hair for Hazel or even locks of love. The response I get I get when I tell them no is sometimes horrific. Does it make me a bad person that I like my hair and do not want to chop it off? No. Does it make you a good person if you decide to chop all your hair off for one of these causes? Not necessarily. My hair is 15 inches from my pony tail, but I have waited a very long time, only trimming it, for 6 years it get it this long. 6 years ago when I chopped off 11 inches of my hair for locks of love, making it go to my shoulders, I cried. I absolutely hated my hair that short, and it is nowhere near as short as some people are cutting their hair. Do you want to know why I hated my hair that short? Because my hair is curly. The shorter it goes, the curler is gets. Unfortunately, it isn’t pretty curls either where I could do nothing with my hair and make it look okay. Everyday I had to straighten my hair because it couldnt fit into a pony tail or braid.
Short hair is not for everyone; if someone likes their hair extremely long and doesn’t want to donate it, that does not make them a bad person.