Reuniting with an old friend (Riku & Namine)

“Namine?” Riku called out the blonde’s name, looking around the Mansion’s bottom floor and towards the stairs. She’s gotta be here somewhere. Well… if she even came back. If Axel came back, maybe she did too. The boy thought it made sense, seeing as how the red-haired nobody had come back full strength with a heart of his own. And if that was possible, perhaps others had managed to come back as well. The silver-ette stepped towards the stairs, and made a start to walk up the short flight of steps; knowing full well that they lead to the light-blonde’s drawing room.


Ven looked over at her perimeter alarm, someone had set it off.  She did a quick check of her cameras before slipping a small pistol from under her desk and tucking into her holster under her jacket.  She unlocks the door and headed to meet her uninvited guest.

“Can I help you?” She asked brushing a strand of her hair behind one of her pointed ears.

itsnodream-namine comes offering her blood

Roxas was wondering through Twilight Town at night. Ah yes, nothing like Twilight Town at night, best time for him to come out. Hardly anyone was around. He sat himself on a wall looking up to the moon and the stars.

He smiled softly enjoying the peace. He sensed a presences coming, he closed his eyes and asked “Who’s there?”

itsnodream-namine started following you

The nobody took notice of the girl almost immediately, but did not pay her too much mind. “..Hello.” Of course if the other got too close, then she wouldn’t be very welcoming at all.

You Deserve The Heart (Riku and Namine)

“She has to be there. Where else would Namine go?” The boy stated, mostly to himself, as he walked out of the mansion. Moments ago, his former friend had been viciously attacked by a lone Shadow Heartless, which Riku failed to detect. Namine vanished into nothingness, but Riku told her that she would be fine. If he was correct in his assumption, the girl would revert back to her original self. Which… would be Kairi, but she’s alive. So that may come as a complication, but it still counts. Namine will come back. …She has to. His thoughts were turning and twisting like mad, as he quickened his pace out the Mansion’s gates. Despite how mad and insane it seemed, the silver-haired teen knew where he would be heading next. Cyan hues darted up to the scarlet sky above him; narrowing his eyes towards the space above him. “To the Islands.” He muttered, thrusting his summoned Keyblade up into the sky, as a brilliant flash of light enveloped his body.

itsnodream-namine started following you

Kyoki walked through the large, empty room, marveling at the elegantly blank design. She gave off a strange aura. It felt…. like a heartless. But that couldn’t be right. She was obviously human, no heartless took that shape and maintained their aura. “Hm? Hello?” she called, seeing Namine peeking from behind the giant, egg-shaped capsule.

Stepping out of a door, a man who’s body contrasts itself down the center. What was this place, a forest? Adjusting his monochromatic outfit, Buddy takes a look around as the door that was previously behind him vanishes away. Fair enough. He was in a forest. Muttering a thing to himself, He strides away from where he popped by.

Eventually, he found what appeared to be a fence. further inspection would cause the guy to find a building.. Letting off a grin, He brushed off the wildlife off of him as he eagerly walked along the fence, intending to have  a quick hello to whoever might be there.

V-day is upon us

The mansion was mysteriously empty. Riku had told Namine he was going into work late, and it appeared as though he wasn’t home yet. However, laying on the bed was a white dress, elegant yet simple, and a note addressed to Namine.

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   [ ➥ ]   More people? ‘Must be some party they’re throwing,’ Li thought to himself. 'I hope they don’t keep the landlady up all night…again.’ He wasn’t sure he ever wanted to see her that pissed off again. The raven-haired male tried to gently move his way past them, without bumping into anyone; though, emphasis on tried. His shoulder brushed roughly against someone else’s, and he turned around quickly to offer an apology. “Ah, sorry about that.”

All Good Things Come to an End || Roxas & Namié

Spending the day together, laughing and sharing good stories; Roxas couldn’t be happier spending time with Namié, since he helped heal her from her terrible sickness. He wanted to treat her by showing her the Golden Land. Of course with the permission of his Mother they were free to wonder and enjoy the magical garden.

It was just like a regular garden only with Golden Roses and golden butterflies fluttering around. It was certainly a beautiful garden to be in. But there was a time limit and when that time came. Roxas then took Namié to Twilight Town for some Sea Salt Ice cream. Sitting up at the clock tower watching the sun set, it was peaceful like it always had been.

Roxas smiled to Namié “Did you have fun in the Golden Land? You’re always welcomed to go there again. Maybe sometime again soon.”