My Tumblr Crushes:
  1. myurliswaylongforyourconvenience
  2. fuckin-rad-blog
  3. fullcabs
  4. gothamshitty
  5. itsnevertoolatefornow
  6. princessofthebooty
  7. sendlettersandsodas
  8. brittlisfitness
  9. thedragonbourneidentity

Brittany’s been on for like 5 minutes and she’s already on my Tumblr crushes. Beautiful.

itsnevertoolatefornow replied to your post: Also, you guys, I’m skipping over a free CHVRCHES…

Must be some awesome friends

I mean, it’s basically a little sleepover with a lot of members from One Love. They are pretty cool people so…

Also, CHVRCHES would require driving 2 hours to Austin for probably a 45 minute set and driving back the same night and being exhausted and I’m not sure I’m down for that.