Wrapping up our #TFF2015 Directors Series, Brad Bird talked all things animation, ‘Tomorrowland,’ and Tom Cruise. Check the site for highlights. #tribecatogether @itsneilb @streetdreamsmag

Sunday’s Best.

Beautiful day with the beautiful lady. @giavanya and I have been so busy these days that we rarely have a whole day with each other. Today’s going to be wonderful. #love.

Hat by @stetsonusa.
Jacket by @uniqlousa.
Vest by @bananarepublic.
Shirt by @twillory.
Tie by @pocketsquareclothing.
Jeans by @levis.


Shot by @itsneilb. (at

Brad Bird signing autographs before his #TFF2015 discussion with Janeane Garofalo this evening. Check back for our recap of the best moments in the morning. #tribecatogether @itsneilb @streetdreamsmag