End of the DSLR, All Hail to the NEW KING !!!!

so with that being said, here is my brand new Fujifilm XT1

I got this camera along with the XF 23mm F/ 1.4 R lens.

Im going to share with you all my first impression of this Camera & lens


BODY- Thebody of this camera feels amazing, its rugged just like any other pro level DSLR and is full weather sealed !! the grip makes it comfortable to hold and fits in my hands perfectly. it also has a tilt screen

ERGONOMICS- Dials everywhere, ISO, Stutter, Exposure comp, metering and drive modes, all of these have dials which makes it easy to set the camera in the desired setting and makes shooting less complicated without having to dive into the menus.

AUTO FOCUS- its fast like really fast, it snaps at anything and everything, and the 8fps is pretty amazing for tracking moving subjects

EVF- OMGGGGGG!!! ITS LIKE LOOKING AT A IMAX SCREEN, its big and beautiful, it almost feels like a OVF,  its going to take me a while getting use to a EVF, but I’m really looking forward to this!

PICTURE QUALITY- hmm how can i put this so you understand how serious i am……. FUCKING AMAZING !!!!!! before i got this camera, i had looked at a lot of other photos from FUJI X100 - XPRO1 - XE2 etc and i didn’t fully buy into it, maybe because those photos didn’t appeal to me, but after shooting with this camera in NYC for the whole day, I’m left speechless !!! the in camera JPEG files are beyond amazing, best i have ever seen out of any camera, FUJI still doesn’t have RAW support for Lightroom 5 so i didn’t shoot any RAW photos yet, but i don’t really care for RAW files after looking at how stunning the JPEG’s look !

XF 23mm F/1.4 R Lens

This lens is a 35mm equivalent lens on a full frame camera.

I usually shoot with a 24L wide angle lens on my 5D2 and 35mm is not my desired focal length, and since the XF 23 was the only wide fast lens in the FUJI lens line up i decided to give it a try.

After a full day of shooting with this lens I’m very impressed with the image quality, it is so sharp and the colors are so beautiful !! i don’t really want to get all technical about this lens, there are hundreds of other reviews out there on the web about it, but if you want my honest opinion, this is an amazing lens and will be glued shut to my camera for a long time until my XF 56 1.2 arrives !!


This camera is amazing, it really is, FUJI hit it out the park with this one. it was really a joy to shoot with, its light weight, unobtrusive and completely gets out the way and help you make beautiful photos, all these are just my first day impressions of this camera, One thing i don’t like about this camera is there is no ADOBE RAW file support for LIGHTROOM 5, and most of my editing workflow is done with LR5, so I’m really hoping FUJI and Adobe are working to fix this, but the RAW file problem is not a deal breaker at all, the in camera JPEG files are just BEAUTIFUL !!!! I’m going to attach a few in this post, none of these photos are edited, all of them are shot in JPEG and upload to tumblr straight from the camera.

Well thats all for now, I’m going to go out a shoot with this amazing camera and share all my new findings with you in my next post, being a canon shooter for over 7 years so its going to take me a little while to get used to the new system and menus of the XT1!!

But enjoy the photos!! and hit me up if you have any questions

yours truly 

NB !