I want one of these #Forever21+ high waisted bikinis or “fatkini”.. I have insecurities like everyone else but I think these are so cute especially the black one. Which do you think is better? I like the design on black one but the pattern on second on.. Wish they were combined more. 👙 #highwaistedbikini #fatkini #itsmetifni

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Yay my Whats on my iPhone video finally uploaded to my Youtube channel go check it out now and if you have any suggestions on anymore videos I should do let me know!!!!!

I don’t get the big deal of that Cheerios commercial with the cute mixed family…. I am biracial and proud and that is normal to me and it was adorable to me seeing a kid that looked like how I used to when I was little on TV and honestly I didn’t even know they were a interracial couple until I saw it being talked about all over the net…. This is 2013 stop being racist people and just accept that everyone now days is some form of mixed so live with it or stfu!! #teammixed