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Hi, I'm just wondering. I sent my submission today and I attached it by a link to my Facebook photo. I'm just wondering if you guys got it? Or do I have to send it again in case the link doesn't work? Thanks! :)

We are so behind on submissions but I went and looked for yours and the photo is not working. sorry. Can you try it again? And thank you!

The problem I have with bisexuality is people always assume you are “more gay than straight”. And if they think you’re like that, they will just say you are gay.

Don’t you get it yet?

Bisexual people are attracted to BOTH GENDERS. That’s kinda the point of being bisexual.

That’s why I hate labels. LOL

Tagged in a thing where I gotta screenshot my computer without changing anything. So, there you have it. Behold. Some convo a friend sent me, a book doc, a school doc, and some apps. Pretty boring, tbh.