skullbliss  asked:

i just bought the rimmel clean finish foundation? i'm new to makeup and i have no idea how to put it on? have you tried this foudnation before? :)

That foundation isn’t my favorite, but I’m very snobby when it comes to foundations so that’s not surprising.  In general it’s not bad.  It’s not very long lasting, but it’s easy to apply and very inexpensive (I bought it once for about $4), so it’s a good option for beginners like you!  :)

All liquid foundations can be applied in the same way!  It depends on the tools you have.  Since you’re more of a makeup noob you probably don’t have brushes to put it on with (if you do see my Makeup FYI page!), but you can simply use your fingers!   You should always wear a moisturizer underneath your foundation, so put that on first and let it set in for a minute.  Then you can dump a little quarter-sized drop of foundation on the back of your non-dominant hand, and use it as a dish sort of.  Use your fingers to apply a thin, even layer all over your skin, and then go back over any spots that need more coverage.  :)