Ok look at this. Look. At. This.

This is the frame RIGHT when he grabs Clara from almost falling.

It’s pure fear, the wide eyes, open mouth - he was so scared. Well of course cause his Clara almost fell. Again

& then right after he grabs her

You get relief. He saved her. She didn’t fall. The fear is gone. He’s calming down again.

He’s holding her in such a tight grip, he’s not going to let her fall again. You can tell, he’s sorry. He scared her and she almost walked right off, backing up from him. 

Then after he did his little “You’re just Clara” thing, he goes in for another hug embrace, and he picks her up placing himself in between her and the edge. 

& this is just adorable. This is the frame right when they switch from Clara to him right before his expression changes in reaction to her comment about the hug. 

He was smiling. A really big smile. (✿◠‿◠)

The Doctor cares about her so so so much. He was thinking she could be some sort of a Trick or Trap. She saved his life twice before (he’s aware of) and died both times - now there’s a third version of her. Like he said, she’s perfect in every way for him - and that’s why he thought she was a trap. Give him a mystery, who happens to be a beautiful perfect girl , who’d he naturally develop feelings for, and you would have the perfect trap for him. Then he immediately just pushes it all away because hell, he’s already fallen for her. For now she’s Just Clara, and that’s all that matters

Basically this post in a nutshell: Matt Smith’s acting is so fucking amazing. He captured the emotions, the expressions so damn perfectly. (⊙‿⊙✿)


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