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I found this cool documentary on youtube about the history and politics behind the Eurovision Song Contest.

If you love history and/or eurovision i highly recommend you watching this!
There are a few things left out of it but overall if you’re new to eurovision and modern european history i think it’s a good watch :)

I hope you dont mind me tagging some popular eurovision blogs, i just think a lot of people might be interested in this and it’s unlikely to spread very far from my blog


anonymous asked:

Hi! What are your favourite ESC blogs? I've just made mine and need some to follow xxx

oh god, I follow so many esc blogs I’m afraid I’ll forget some.

I’m gonna name a few blogs I follow, some are 100% eurovision, others may have other fandoms and be more personal

@anotherescsite @itsjusteurovision @eurosong @only-eurovision @uselesseurovisionfacts @because-its-eurovision @balkanheart @eurenvision @balticboys @aprilskyforever @robinbengtsson @dailyeurovision @coloureverywonderoftheworld @slightlyintimidating @eurovision-gifs @juuret @eurovisionfanblog @kostovs

I’m sure there are many others I can’t think of right now, but if you keep an eye on the /tagged/eurovision and /tagged/europals you will find a lot of eurovision blogs. And don’t be afraid of interacting with anyone, everyone is usually really welcoming and friendly

It’s hard to believe that just one year ago I created this sinfest blog. Through that time up until now, I’ve managed to create so many friendships, a few that I know that could last a lifetime. Over this year I’ve felt welcomed, accepted, and generally where I belong (meme hell). I just want to thank all of you for welcoming me, especially those of you in the Eurovision fandom. You have all managed to make me a bit better as a person. I love you all <3

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Come Together

Europals because right now our life is sadness, our life is madness! I don’t know if any of you are triggered by anything but the Eurovision tag has been spammed by allsorts of things, some of it not that nice, so hopefully we can all work together to help @staff fix the problem!

I shall tag as many of you who are frequent tag users, but feel free to add more to spread the word that the tag is currently not the nicest place to be!

@justsvevo @eurovision-everyday @elneyw @clovewiththeknives @bordersofsalt @everything-eurovision-2016 @eurovision-boys @eyesonconchita @eurovision-confessions @useless-englandfacts @unclefungusthegoat @itsjusteurovision @ignazioseyebrows @intergalacticwifi @guysofeurovision @sannao75 @douzeurovision @justs-sirmais @kialnax @nulpoints @visiodreams @nennywhatareyoudoing @alidaisincrediblytired @gretasalome @allthingseurovision @escdatabase @henrik-sabroe @uselesseurovisionfacts @amanda-rina @klau-diana @yasmin-is-here @speedywheelz @theemancipationoffrancha @raddirnars @narcissus-princess