Hello everyone its Ben :) 

This test post will show you, our lovely friends, how to order one of our Ugly Sweaters

1. When a sweater is posted it will have a product code and a size. For example A1, Large

2. To place the order you will need to send your Name, The product code of the sweater you want, and how you would like to meet up or how it will be shipped to you.

3. You may send your order to or one of the admin’s ask boxes.
or Email 

If you have any questions regarding the ordering process or anything else you are more than welcome to hit up our ask box or contact our email!

Have a great night! :D

Just a reminder :)

Sweaters will be posted TOMORROW at 8PM!

- Sweaters will be 15 dollars each
- Delivery is no longer an option :(
- It is First come First serve so shortly after you put in your order we will notify you of your order status.

We are so sorry for all the delays over the Holiday season and we are doing our very best to get your sweaters to you in a timely manner!

Thank you and have a great New Year!