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Ok I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and I finally got the time so… :)


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I really want to thank you all for making my experience on tumblr great! ^^

(I hope I didn’t forget anyone… if I didn’t tag you but I like and reblog a lot of stuff from you and/or we’re mutuals, then I probably meant to write your url too!)

0-38  asked:

if lesbian is a term youre most comfortable with right now - don't feel like you need to change it. the decisionto "change a label" is daunting and unneeded. no one will fight with you if youve openly identified as a lesbian then dated a boy- you love who you love and that's life x It'll be ok x i've had a similar experience where i thought i'd want to be with a guy bc of how he made me feel (and it did help that he was a littlehandsome) but ever since then itsjust been girls! girls! girls! haha

thank you, i do love girls and i just dont know how to feel its weird to think about it, i always hated the questioning processes of my life

Ok, so I finally reached 3,5k followers and I just want to thank you all for that, and the best way to do this is making a follow forever!!! (I guess)
Thanks for follow me, reblog me, for talking to me… thanks for everything, I love being here, I love being a part of it!
I wish I could put all my followers here but I can’t so i’m putting some of my mutual’s that everyone should follow! You all are incredible!
here we go.
ps: i love all my followers!

I was too lazy when i did this


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Well, this is my first follow forever ☝, i reached 4k followers!! Thank you so much to everyone for your support! :) I adore each and every one of you ❤️ italics - mutuals // bold - faves

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So there’s an alternative black girl hate page, and I’m highly upset about this. Check it out—-

This is so hurtful. Who said we can’t watch anime, do cosplay, and express ourselves with different colored hair and piercings? This is some straight up BULL SHIT. And wtf is “geek culture”? And since when is being into these become non black? Please help me understand, why so much hate?

Don’t you know that alternative black girls are the shit? Pffft, Please. You’re dismissed.