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the stretches dont really help, but sometimes you just have to do something…

i was thinking about the headcannon that finn gets cronic pain in his new arm that @neokasumisty was talking about the other day, and felt like drawing a quick little comic



here’s my long overdue follow forever which i probably should have done 400 followers ago oops

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ALRIGHT !! so it’s gotten to the point where i’m unbelievably swamped
( whether it be with drafts, asks, starters, or just life in general ) and so
from THIS POINT ON, i will NOT be posting anymore starter calls. its
just so hard for me to keep track of them all, and i’m just too busy to
keep everything in order. 

SO BY LIKING THIS; you are hereby giving me permission to:

  • go into your ask box to plot
  • go into your ask box to just talk***
  • send you memes
  • send you random starters
  • make you promotions whenever
  • make you graphics whenever
  • send you my skype***
  • send you my kik***

not to mention that by liking this, you are informing me, someone with
severe anxiety about interacting with people, that you are willing to
communicate with you in a calm and friendly atmosphere <3
*** message me privately about this though.