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To you:

1: Can you or anyone you know dance?

Yep! I’m an Irish dancer ^-^

2: Favorite animal?


3: Something that makes you really mad?

When friends get pissed off that you want to hang out with other people…

4: How do you feel towards blood and gore?

It doesn’t bother me… maybe if someone was dismembered in front of me it would but movies and such don’t have any effect

5: Do you know what your first words as a baby were?


6: Biggest turn ons and turn offs

Turn ons: “Brown hair, tattoos, good personality, great taste in music, being super tall (like 6 foot), honesty and loyalty … *cough cough* Norman Reedus” Haha I’m just keeping that part there from norman-fuckme-reedus ‘cause I couldn’t agree more ;) Also is spontaneous, loves cuddling, and can keep up with me.

Turn offs: Being a douche, acting differently in front of the bros, excessive drinking and hardcore drug use, basically anything that would make me dropkick him.

7: Turn on your ipod/music player. Whats the first song you see?

The Cranberries- Zombie

8: Is the room your in messy or clean?

It’s pretty clean

9: Do you have a facebook?

Yes I do

10: Are you close with your parents?

I’m pretty close with them. At least with my mom I am

11: Is it snowing where you live?

Yes! There’s a lot of it!

12. Favorite show or movie?

My favorite show is a toss up between The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones

13. Look up, what’s the first thing you see?

A lamp

14. What animal do you dislike and why?

I have a love-hate relationship with rabbits. They’re cute and fluffy and all that… but then they get fat and smell and growl at you and eat the carpet and shit everywhere and their poop gets stuck to their ass…

15. Open up a book or magazine (or anything) and write down one sentence from it, what does it say?

“Brian’s men, who knew that he was a wonderful general, cheered and cheered.” -Ireland, A Novel by Frank Delaney

16. Do you like snow?

Yep! If it’s going to be cold there better be snow.

17. Favorite breakfast food?

Chocolate chip waffles

18. Have you ever done anything illegal?


19. If you could meet any famous person, who would you choose?

Norman Reedus

20. Do you exercise?

Yeah though I need to get into a more regular routine

21. What show has caused you so much emotional distress?

The Walking Dead 

22. Quick, type any random word/thing/person etc. you can think of! Who/what is it?


To you:

23. What is your favorite band/artist?

24. If you could have any super power, what would it be?

25. What is your favorite book/series?

26. Have you ever traveled to a different country?

27. Do you, or would you like to learn to, play an instrument?

28. Participate in any sports?

29. Tea or coffee?

30. If you could time travel without any possibility of causing a paradox or changing the present, where would you go?

31. What is your favorite city?

32. Favorite season?

33. Favorite dessert?