So the overwhelming response has been that you guys want me to just focus on Jeremy. Which is fine because I am personally not a true Lakers fan and it would also be more work to do a team based blog. Thanks for your feedback!

Tomorrow's Game

So tomorrow night the Lakers play San Antonio and I was thinking of making a post that would serve as a discussion thread, that way you guys can interact with each other while watching the game. If you do not have a Tumblr you can also participate because I have disqus on each of my posts so all you need is a Twitter or Facebook account (or as a guest) and you can join in too! What do you guys think?

I want to make this blog more interactive and community based. I have enabled Disqus as a way to comment on all of my posts, even if you are not a tumblr user. You can use Disqus by connecting your Twitter or email account. I’ll make forum type posts so that you guys can discuss things with each other and you can also comment on any of the regular content. You can use this post to test it out and just say hi or whatever. I hope that this will help enhance your experience on my blog because I don’t want it to just be my opinions alone. Feel free to try it out!


Firstly, I want to remind you that my photo caption contest is now live for anyone that missed the previous post.

Second, if you are interested in joining my yahoo fantasy basketball league please send me an ask with your email so I can send you the link. 

That is all for now. 


Any Jeremy Lin fans out there? Looking for creative way to wish him a happy birthday? My friend who runs a blog ‘itsjeremylin’ and also is an intern who works for the linsanity movie, has asked me to let you guys know about a project she is doing for his birthday. If you would like to participate or find out more, check out this link:
It would be awesome if you guys could check out! Thank you!