White as bones ( Closed RP)

( dear Aniki I’m sorry)

The door slammed open, the girl at the desk jumped and prepared herself for the worst. “ Have you come up with anything yet?” A man asked leaning over her.

No response was given. She shook visibly, no sooner had she thought about giving an answer she was yanked up by her pigtail- tied with a little black ribbons- a Skull hot glued to the center of the bow.

“ Come on Dr.Stone I don’t have all day- and I’m tired of waitin.” He said leaning closer. “ Now- get that Nuke gun done or it’ll be your life that’ll be on hold.
He let her hair go- in a jerking motion that sent her on her ass. She sat there for a moment. Not looking at the man as he left.

She waited for the sound of the clicking door- but alas….. It never came. She looked up her head snapping in the direction of the door.
It was slightly ajar. For what reason she didn’t know.

Her heart hammered in her chest- was she going to take it?…… She stood up oh both feet her Labcoat smoothed over, she started walking towards the door- she peeked out- and saw not a human for the length of the hallway.

All she had to do was run. Oh and run she did- her heels clicked against the floor noisily, she didn’t care- she didn’t care!

She ran past three armed guards

” HEY!!“

” HALT!“

She couldn’t listen, she’d made it too far. She could hear them on her feet


She saw the front doors, God she was free! She slammed against them only to be grabbed by one of the guardsmen.

” No!! NO!“ She shrieked, she wasn’t going back in there to be tested on when she couldn’t make something work- to be forced to make weapons to wipe out entire countries.

She couldn’t- she sunk her teeth into the mans hand.

” YOU BITCH!“ He yelled going to Swing at her- only seeing her flee for the mountain. ’ nobody ever comes back!!’ She thought making her way away from the men.
Even after their voices faded she climbed on- she was cold- wet from slipping many, many times.
Eventually- she’d reached the summit. Her eyes peered into the gigantic hole. She shook her head. She’d climb back down and do away with herself later- on her own terms.

” I think she went this way…“

She looked in the direction of the voices- her mind whirling with options- none of them ended well.

With that thought, she turned her back to the hole. Just as she could see one of the men’s faces pale with the realization of what she was about to do.
She shot the man a grin before letting herself fall back- and be engulfed by the darkness.