So I decided to art for the very first time, thanks to thestrangelangel’s conversation with me on the livestream, AND because David Bennett decided to wrap a towel around him for this SPG Hour. I couldn’t find the right colours (I only had 24 colours), my art pen failed on me, and this is just well… not quite done yet. 

I’ll try and find a scanner around my neighbourhood and do so soon.

What you've done, you've done for the better.

I only have 2 people to thank: my pal, Faris Ridhwan (dude-its-faris-ridhwan) who introduced me to Tumblr, and Steam Powered Giraffe, for being a life-changer.

This post, is more to Steam Powered Giraffe, and its beloved Fanmily.

I realise now how much important the little things are. Truth be told I have never felt so attached to something, as much as I am attached to Steam Powered Giraffe, after Honeybee.

I’ve learnt to understand the things that some people have to go through. had few crushes on some bloggers, and I’ve met some friends, who I never thought long distances could bring me. I have to thank Lands who introduced us to a little skype call that turned for the better. They are WAY closer to me, then of the friends that I have back here in Malaysia. Truth be told it kinda sucks to be the only SPG fan in Malaysia, but I don’t really bother. I couldn’t believe that some would stay up just to see me petty presentation ALL AROUND THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD, which was pretty big for me.(Thank you so much Rea, and Spidey)

There are things that I have learnt to accept more now, that is the gender of people, especially those of Steam Powered Giraffe. I know there are a lot of them transgendered on out there, but I don’t think I have the right to judge them, more that I should judge myself. I have chose to accept them, and love them the way they are. They are people too, and for those who shun them, deserve a hand shoved up their asses. Yes, sometimes I admit, I get confused, but I hope it’s just a learning process.

You guys, SPG and the fanmily, have given me so much to see, so much to hear, so much to learn, and so much to love. Never have I thought this could happen, and I really have to thank you guys for that.

Stay lovin’, SPG and Fanmily.


Not to say that I am unhappy that I get to see so many happy people who just came back from the SPG Concert… 

But seeing those posts…. IT REALLY MAKES ME WANNA GO SEE THEM SO BAD!!!

Sigh, thus being the luck of an SPG fan who lives THOUSANDS of miles away from San Diego, and being a Malaysian fan, alone, without knowing whoever shares the same crazy love for SPG as I do. I thank God for the fanmily around the world who constantly keeps me loved, as I would love to love them A WHOLE LOT.

I guess I’ll have to depend on the concert-goers for a while, which is a good thing. Keeps the fanmily together, in my opinion.

Till that day…
Things We Say During Ramadhan

A little short on the common questions our Muslim friends get during the Ramadhan month. Special thanks to Dylan from DaDiDumTV for helping out! Check them o…

So here’s a video that i made with dude-its-faris-ridhwan, insignificantroyalty and rennylyleanna and my other pals in conjunction of the Ramadhan month. 

For those fasting, happy Ramadhan al-Mubarak and keep on going on. :)