Since itsgonnabemay.gif, I thought I’d post the May Challenge so people can get to work on things. I think this is a fun one.

The May Challenge for Ladies of Sherlock is Victorian. So take any of the BBC Sherlock characters and place them in the Victorian Era. OR… Take female characters from the original Arthur Conan Doyle canon (Violet Hunter, Helen Stoner, Grace Dunbar, etc) or pastiches (Mary Russell, Enola Holmes) and bring them into the modern BBC era.

  • This challenge is open to any sort of creative endeavour: drawings, writing, vids, craft, anything you can think of that’s creative.
  • It can be JUST one of the ladies in question, it can be several of them. However, focus MUST be on a female character.
  • All female characters from Sherlock are welcome, both major and minor. For the purpose of this challenge, any woman from the original Arthur Conan Doyle canon– as well as pastiches (i.e. Mary Russell, Enola Holmes) are also eligible.
  • Artwork and fic can be adult rated, however please tag appropriately with NWS and/or NSFW.
  • Crossovers are welcome, as long as one of the ladies of Sherlock is the focus.
  • Cisswap fics – otherwise known as Rule 63 or  Femlock— does NOT count as a Lady of Sherlock.
  • If the character(s) featured in the fic/art/etc are from the BBC series, they must be portrayed in the Victorian-Era. For characters that are in the original stories but are in the BBC show (Mary, Irene), they must retain some semblance of their BBC personality or look. 
  • If the character(s) featured in the fic/art/etc are from Victorian-era stories (either ACD canon or pastiches), they must be portrayed as updated to the modern-day BBC era.
  • There is NO LIMIT to the number of submissions you can make.
  • This challenge is open from May 1 to 31.

To post your fill, post it in your blog with the tag “#ladiesofsherlock” in the first five tags or send us your post ID through our ask.

(Artwork by artbylexie. Used with permission.)


I’ve been waiting a whole year to finally do this, so let’s get to the point. #ItsGonnaBeMay #ItsGonnaBeMe #NSYNC #JustinTimberlake #May2015

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