I missed Artoo. A lot. Having had the privilege of spending the whole summer with Pancake, I was still looking forward to getting reacquainted with my old main squeeze, but there’s definitely some adjustment that comes with it. For instance, Pancake’s neck is slimmer at the nut (1 5/8") than Artoo, which is 1 11/16", and because of only playing Pancake for about 5 months straight, I’m having a super difficult time playing for the moment. And while I’m figuring that out, I also learned that I absolutely prefer Pancake’s vintage 7.25" fretboard radius to the more modern 9.5" radius found on Artoo, which used to be the major draw for me of the Thin Skin series. While Artoo is still such a perfect instrument to me, I’m seriously considering finding an old Jazzmaster neck. I doubt I’d ever have the heart to sell Artoo, so I’ll keep my eyes peeled until Pancake joins me in Long Beach. Eh, I’m sure I’ll adjust soon enough! #guitar #fender #fenderguitars #jazzmaster #thinskin #neck #nut #width #vintage #reissue #sonicblue #matching #headstock #guitaristproblems #itsgoingtobefine

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