itsgettinghauteinhere asked:

Hey so a couple months ago I asked you advice because I had a problem with a girl in my senior year who started bullying me out of the blue etc. I must say that it didn't got any better but thanks to you it was clear I just had to wait until the end of the year and it would've been over. Anyways, even though it sucked, you helped me somehow and I thought you should know that. :) Thanks again.

Hey! Aw man i am so sorry to hear that, you could’ve come back to me for help and i would’ve done what i could to help! You didn’t have to wait til the end of the year at all! There are serious steps that can be taken to prevent it happening within days or weeks! In future if it happens again come to me and i will help you as much as possible, but you’re obviously very strong and you should be proud of yourself for being mature about it. Hugs to you and don’t be a stranger! xx

Another image from the “Fit In Print” editorial in @xexmag (out today!), shot at The David Barton Gym by @saileywilliams , Hair/Makeup by @leoeleyinc featuring the GORGEOUS @emma_antonuk, sweating in complete LUXURY!!! It’s HAUTE in this gym, baby!!!
Turtleneck by @katkashmere
Bustier by @bradleydouglasjordan
Pants by @jeddakhan
Sneakers by @ruthie_davis
Bag by @perrinparis
Necklace by @ericksonbeamonofficial
#YeahTHESTYLEMONSTERSdidThat #Editorial #DavidBartonGym #ItsGettingHAUTEinHere #thestylemonsters (at David Barton Gym)