Here are some notes from when Mark talked about Dark during the livestream!!!

  • he doesn’t obey the laws of physics (like Warfstache)
  • separate entity from Mark
  • admires what Mark has accomplished
  • social manipulator
  • wants to give you a false sense of security
  • wants you to trust him
  • only wants to take advantage of you
  • creepy and scary
  • seductive
  • masking a burning rage that breaks through his suave nature
  • he’s not your friend, he’s here to use you
  • not entirely kept together
  • the yell was his shell cracking
  • high pitched ringing is by design - discomfort/ pain
  • somewhat inspired by G-Man from Half Life
  • interdimensional being - not human
  • learning how to puppet a human body, but he’s good at it
  • seems trustworthy but definitely isn’t
  • opposite of Mark - “the fucking worst”
  • doesn’t have a shadow

leo valdez:

  • admits to being better with machinery than people
  • his jokester persona is learned behaviour to protect him from social rejection, but he’s often lost in situations where he can’t apply it
  • seems to find it difficult to judge when his actions are inappropriate 
  • hyper-fixates on new ideas and projects
  • forgets about personal hygeine / self care (not noticing when he’s burned his clothes off, having grease stains and soot on himself)
  • extremely focused on engineering / inventing to the exclusion of other interests
  • taps morse code as a stim

im not saying leo’s autistic except he’s so autistic that i’d be surprised if no one else has pointed it out yet. autistic leo valdez. fight me

ENFP - Living Contradictions

Enthusiastic as a child - Wise as an old soul

Acts like the happiest person on earth - Thinks the most depressing things

Seems to give no fuck about intelligence - Is intelligent and actually values it

Seems to love everyone - Actually hold some grudges (Sometimes. I mean. most of the times I TRY to be mad with people but I just forget :l)

Has tons of friend - Is lonely at soul :l

Seems to be a 100% party person - Always looking for the meaning of life

Is an extrovert - The most introverted extrovert

Dating Jaehyun

I Taeil* I Hansol* I Johnny I Taeyong I Yuta I Kun* I Doyoung* I Ten I Jaehyun I Winwin* I Mark I

*coming soon


  • School heartthrob
  • Is a senior  
  • Every girl has had their eyes on him and some point during high school  
  • He’s aware of this but doesn’t abuse the fact that practically every girl worships the ground he walks on
  • He’s got himself straight A’s in every class
  • From maths to P.E
  • He excels in everything
  • Is really calm and collected even tho it’s near finals
  • Always spends his free periods in the quad
  • Sometimes he’ll be reading, or he’ll sit there and lose himself in his favourite music  
  • He started to notice an unfamiliar face sitting across from him on the opposite bench
  • You had no where to relax in your free periods as the library started to become crammed with seniors doing last minute studying over the past few days
  • You were a junior so you needn’t worry
  • Anyway
  • He kept seeing you more and more often, always sitting opposite him as you read your book  
  • Started to find you alluring but couldn’t pin point exactly what it was
  • One day he was late to your unorganised free period together and found you already sitting in your usual spot
  • He decided to be bold and take a seat next to you  
  • U almost died
  • 1. He scared you. You didn’t think he was in and 2. His shy smile and prominent dimples had your heart racing Them goddamn dimples istg
  • Tbh you were also surprised that he actually noticed you, he was deemed untouchable for you as you weren’t up there on the school pecking order you weren’t low either, kinda just average
  • He noticed the book in your hand and started to give his insight on it
  • Seems as he has basically read nearly all the books the school has to offer
  • And you were taken aback About his knowledge on your most favourite book
  • After spending the entire hour of your free talking to him about literature and his passion for music he offered to buy you a coffee after school so that you could finish your discussion on what you both deem ‘classics’
  • After that day you still spent every free period with him just now you actually speak to each other  
  • Those free periods together started to extend into lunch  
  • Then after school
  • Then at the weekend
  • Basically you were joined at the hip with each other
  • One couldn’t function without the other
  • It was a Friday night
  • He had come over to your place to run over study notes for the first exam that was going to be on the following Monday  
  • For the first time, you were seeing him slightly worried
  • The cool calm and collected Jaehyun was withering away  
  • He started to contemplate his future, he had no idea where it was going
  • Y/N, what if I fail? I won’t be accepted by SNU! If I fuck up, my plan for the past 13 years will go down the drain!”
  • “Jae, stop it! You’ll do great!”
  • “How do you know?”
  • “I’ll make sure of it…”  
  • That kiss honestly boosted his confidence up 110%
  • He realised that you were his new source of energy after that
  • The rush he felt overwhelmed him in a good way
  • Found himself pulling you into another lip lock  
  • ‘Lil bit more needy this time tho
  • He didn’t know why it took him so long to realise  
  • But you are his motivation  
  • Tbh, you always had been  

anonymous asked:

aaaah hi I'm sorry if this is inconsiderate or rude but I actually don't know much about autism as a whole, so I was wondering why so many people (almost positive you do too but I can't totally remember sorry!!!) hc Keith as autistic? like what similarities/symptoms are there? thank you!! so so so sorry if I said anything inappropriate!

I don’t think you were rude! ok so here’s some things that I have observed about Keith in the show:

  • he seems to process things differently or slower than usual (ie. “I say Vol and you say Tron! Vol?” “….Vol…..tron?”)
  •  he becomes frustrated/unable to deal with the situation if his plans abruptly change/something unexpected happens (ie. Shiro leaving him to find the red lion by himself)
  • he doesn’t like being touched (ie. “I don’t usually hug strangers…” ; looking a bit shocked and freezing up when Hunk hugged him)
  • he’s generally quiet and isn’t one for talking when they’re all in a group together unless he has something really important to say
  • he comes off as rude/blunt/angry often but he doesn’t seem to be a generally mean person which leads me to believe he’s doing this without being aware of it
  • seems to be more sensitive than others (ie. “it’s like some energy was telling me to search”)

other little things that could be more hints if you squint are sleeping fully clothed & wearing gloves all the time even tho there’s no practical use to, taking the bonding moment with Lance a lot more seriously than it apparently was, was immediately able to make the connection between Hunk’s graph and the mountain range (and just snatched the paper from him with an impatient “give me that” when he did), didn’t seem to realize how to properly talk to Red when they first met, generally impatient/impulsive

this is all I can think of off the top of my head but it’s all these things together that make it super obvious to me that he’s somewhere on the spectrum

Modern Spot

  • the boi
  • tbh if you know me you know I have too many Spot hcs
  • very smart
  • very pretty but only Race could ever say that out loud
  • very gay
  • had a hard time admitting that 
  • grew up in Brooklyn
  • accent only comes out when tired or emotional
  • (accent was fully out while proposing)
  • grew up in abusive and very homophobic home
  • younger sister who died
  • very smart
  • taekwondo boi
  • roundhouse kicked somebody for pushing Crutchie once
  • won Jack over with that one
  • will fight anyone for messing with his friends
  • loves to debate
  • really bad at expressing emotions
  • had a rocky start with Race because of that
  • anxiety
  • bonded with Crutchie of anxiety attacks caused by similar things
  • being touched with no warning
  • lots of yelling with no purpose
  • actually a romantic but pretends to not be
  • depression
  • hates chocolate with a passion
  • super good with kids but doesn’t want his own
  • completely terrified of being anything like his parents
  • only goes back to Brooklyn to remember his sister
  • considers all of his friends’ kids nieces and nephews
  • loves them all to pieces
  • is the coolest uncle to Race’s biological nieces and nephews
  • which is impressive since there are so many uncles
  • notebooks full of handwritten poetry only Race ever has or will see
  • very good lawyer
  • deals with stupidness very well
  • fear shows as anger
  • anger shows as focused, quiet intensity
  • angry Spot is terrifying because he doesn’t get angry easily
  • really hard for him to say “I love you” and he hates it
  • but he really, really loves Race
  • very loyal to his friends
  • went through a period where he dyed his hair different colors
  • Race loved it but he stopped when he got an internship at a law firm
  • also loves their dog, Marbles
  • Marbles is a sheepdog and he’s big and dumb but loveable
  • Jack and Crutchie’s daughters love sleeping over so they do often
  • at work is tough and strict, with kids is loving and listens
  • never hesitates to tell a kid they’re perfect the way they are
  • knows how much it hurts to be told otherwise
  • is a lawyer because he gets to help innocent people
  • keeps five pictures on his desk at work
  • Race, his sister, all their friends, his wedding day and Marbles
  • very proud of his life because he worked hard for it
  • seems rough and mean
  • is actually the nicest person you could ever meet if you make friends

I’m rewatching Free! ES and I just noticed one thing in ep 7

When Rin gets annoyed that Sousuke doesn’t answer him, Nitori touches him, puts his hands to Rin’s back in calming gesture and asks to calm down

That means a lot doesn’t it

Seems that Ai knows that this will calm Rin down and he won’t get mad

His arms comfort Rin

Well there’s another version: I’m just a Rintori trash

he’s sorry if he holds on too tight
he’s trying to hold on to a dream
he loves you, because if he didn’t
no one else would

he may not know
your reasons for calling
but at least he knows your name
and tonight that’s enough

not everyone’s story
has an audience
some are just expressed between
willing smiles as he passes a stranger

every breath you exhale
is permission for him
to do the same


Do you memorize theatrical lines
that seem to lead them in
Play the role with the good girl heart
hide the tangled web within
Who was it that lead you on
that made you want to hurt me so
Who are you out to forget
who’s forgot you long ago

Do you still feel it
calling in the air tonight
do you still feel it
seems like you’ve done this before
You make breaking hearts look so easy
seems like you’ve done this before
You’ve got breaking hearts all but down
and you’ve done this, you’ve done this before
You make stealing hearts look so easy
Where is the girl I adore
You’ve got breaking up all but down
I can’t love a thief anymore 

Do you collect the souls you’ve lost
in the top of your dresser drawer
count the number of tears displaced
on lonely bedroom floors
a machine where your heart once was
slowly takes the place of you
only hold the memories now
of a love I though I knew

Do you still feel it
calling in the air tonight
Do you still feel it
Seems like you’ve done this before
You make breaking hearts look so easy
seems like you’ve done this before
You’ve got breaking up all but down
and you’ve done this, you’ve done this before
You make stealing hearts look so easy
Where is the girl I adore
You’ve got breaking up all but down
and I can’t love a thief anymore

The best you could hope to be
is now just a bitter sweet memory

you make breaking hearts look so easy

The first time we played this song was acoustic for my friend John Fraziers wedding weekend in Seattle, people loved it and I remember looking at Christian and saying ‘we did it’ so everyone could hear. 

This should not have been our follow up single, maybe we shouldn’t have had a follow up on this record. If you don’t know how eclectic and ADHD Anberlin records can be it might throw you off if you heard a pop song like this next to FGD on your radio.

A machine where your heart once was is a Darth Vader reference. 

Calling in the air tonight is a Phil Collins reference.

Butch Walker said he liked this song.  YES.

With her intense visuals and fierce positions on feminism, sexuality and pretty much everything, Brooke Candy first caught the media’s eye in 2012. Starting out as a poster girl for the underground, Brooke is now making a play for the mainstream, seeking to spread her message to a wider audience. Though she hasn’t yet achieved world domination, you can tell that she’s doing her best to build the
solid foundations of a career, possibly a revolution. 

Having signed to RCA Records, she has attracted a multitude of high profile collaborators, most notably Sia Furler – the phenomenally successfuland enigmatic singer-songwriter is executiveproducer on Brooke’s upcoming debut album.Brooke has also been adopted as a muse by both Diesel’s creative director Nicola Formichetti and photographer Steven Klein.

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