Here are some notes from when Mark talked about Dark during the livestream!!!

  • he doesn’t obey the laws of physics (like Warfstache)
  • separate entity from Mark
  • admires what Mark has accomplished
  • social manipulator
  • wants to give you a false sense of security
  • wants you to trust him
  • only wants to take advantage of you
  • creepy and scary
  • seductive
  • masking a burning rage that breaks through his suave nature
  • he’s not your friend, he’s here to use you
  • not entirely kept together
  • the yell was his shell cracking
  • high pitched ringing is by design - discomfort/ pain
  • somewhat inspired by G-Man from Half Life
  • interdimensional being - not human
  • learning how to puppet a human body, but he’s good at it
  • seems trustworthy but definitely isn’t
  • opposite of Mark - “the fucking worst”
  • doesn’t have a shadow

leo valdez:

  • admits to being better with machinery than people
  • his jokester persona is learned behaviour to protect him from social rejection, but he’s often lost in situations where he can’t apply it
  • seems to find it difficult to judge when his actions are inappropriate 
  • hyper-fixates on new ideas and projects
  • forgets about personal hygeine / self care (not noticing when he’s burned his clothes off, having grease stains and soot on himself)
  • extremely focused on engineering / inventing to the exclusion of other interests
  • taps morse code as a stim

im not saying leo’s autistic except he’s so autistic that i’d be surprised if no one else has pointed it out yet. autistic leo valdez. fight me

ENFP - Living Contradictions

Enthusiastic as a child - Wise as an old soul

Acts like the happiest person on earth - Thinks the most depressing things

Seems to give no fuck about intelligence - Is intelligent and actually values it

Seems to love everyone - Actually hold some grudges (Sometimes. I mean. most of the times I TRY to be mad with people but I just forget :l)

Has tons of friend - Is lonely at soul :l

Seems to be a 100% party person - Always looking for the meaning of life

Is an extrovert - The most introverted extrovert

he’s sorry if he holds on too tight
he’s trying to hold on to a dream
he loves you, because if he didn’t
no one else would

he may not know
your reasons for calling
but at least he knows your name
and tonight that’s enough

not everyone’s story
has an audience
some are just expressed between
willing smiles as he passes a stranger

every breath you exhale
is permission for him
to do the same

I’m rewatching Free! ES and I just noticed one thing in ep 7

When Rin gets annoyed that Sousuke doesn’t answer him, Nitori touches him, puts his hands to Rin’s back in calming gesture and asks to calm down

That means a lot doesn’t it

Seems that Ai knows that this will calm Rin down and he won’t get mad

His arms comfort Rin

Well there’s another version: I’m just a Rintori trash