The Birthday Reminder Song

okay people don’t listen to this unless you’re mentioned in this song seriously if there are more than 8 plays on this shit i will come hunt down you all.


itscastiyel replied to your post:i juST DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW PEOPLE CAN THINK AMY…

I can totally see why Rory would think that because she was really bad at actually showing him when he wasn’t dead or dying but I shipped it so much harder during my rewatch and noticed a lot more about her.

same tho like i always shipped them but i’m starting to wonder if i even watched doctor who when i first watched it because i literally remember nothing while watching these so my rewatches feel like first-time watches if that makes sense but holy everything is beautiful and tragic

but i think that sometimes she doesn’t really feel the need to show a lot of affection for him because she knows with herself that she loves him and is always going to choose him over anything else and the way she treats him normally is a part of her personality and they basically grew up together so i guess it’s always been their dynamic??