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is this real? /post/12083320518

Do you mean if it is from the real movie? No, that’s impossible haha, the only movie that has been filmed it’s The Hunger Games and that’s from Mockingjay. I made that photoset using some parts from the movie The Poker House and some random video of a cat from youtube :)

itsbiebersperry1d: Sorry I've used my ask limit for today.. so i have to submit all questions :/

1.Fave 1D Member
 Liam James Payne. Louis William Tomlinson is a close second. :)

2.Fave song on Up All Night
 Tell Me a Lie, as of now. 

3.Have you ever seen them live
 Nope. They should come to Narnia next. :D

4.Fave 1D Moment
 I can’t choose, there’s too many! Hm.. The latest video diary, perhaps?;)

5.Fave 1D Bromance
 Larry Stylinson and Niam Horayne. 

6.Larry Stylinson or Kouis Pigeonson ;)
 Oh my.. Kouis Pigeonson!♥

7.Do you prefer Nialls accent or Harry hair
 Niall’s Irish accent is to die for. :)

8.Do you prefer Louis humour or Liams sweetness
 That’s hard. Louis’ humour. :D

9.Do you prefer Zayns bad boy swag or Nialls irish charm
 Definitely Niall’s Irish charm. That boy’s absolutely adorable. 

10.Were would be the perfect place to go on a date with a member of 1D
 Nandos. :) 

* No worries, love. I don’t mind. Thank you for the follow and thank you as well for taking time to send me these questions. I could just hug you right now. :) xx